Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tim Biskup Chrome Mini Pollard!!!!


wow, Biskup is releasing a new mini Pollard. Our toy prayers have been answered!! or have they? $300 steel and chrome mini pollard?? hmmmmmmm, give me painted GID vinyl any day. Yes, we want more mini pollards, but not hood ornaments....

From Flopdoodle:

The original 4-inch tall vinyl Pollard figure was Tim's first toy. This chrome version is the first new version in over six years. It is cast in steel and chrome plated. The edition is limited to only 40 figures. Each one is number stamped on the base. The figure comes in a custom made wooden box with a signed and numbered 6-color serigraphed slide-top.

Bling Bling mini Pollard will be released on Friday, February 8th at noon Pacific Time at Flopdoodle above.

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