Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Been There: Cronic x Super 7 Black Parade Custom Show!!!


Might as well keep the Cronic train rolling....Just returned from Super7 where tonight was the Cronic Black Parade Custom Show. Naoki had nine (9) customs for the show for the first lucky nine attendees. There actually might have been a couple of guys in the first nine that gave up their opportunity to purchase because their custom of choice was already spoken for by the time they could choose theirs. Cronic has a loyal and growing following. I would consider hardcore Cronic fans just as, if not more rabid than even some RealxHead collectors. You know who you are...


All of the customs went very quickly. The purple Walder being first and then the Asu and Baku following right behind if memory serves me correct. I like both of those figures very much, but don't really collect those sculps. Besides the customs, there was artwork that showcased Naoki's illustration chops. I would love to have several of those pieces hanging on my wall. Finally, there was a pre-order for a very, very small run of painted clear purple Maverasu's. 20 total. This colorway reminds me of one of the early BLObPUS colorways with it's clear purple base and orange and red tips. Looking forward to this figure which should be released in December. It was a great show, kudos to Super 7 and Cronic for putting it together.


IMG_0095 400x299

IMG_0074 400x299


IMG_0031 400x299

IMG_0055 400x299


IMG_0019 400x299

IMG_0078 400x299




IMG_0039 400x299

IMG_0043 400x299


IMG_0034 400x299

IMG_0084 400x299




IMG_0086 400x299

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cronic x Ningyoushi Halloween Maverasu!!!


The 2nd Cronic event in San Francisco this week takes place on Halloween at Ningyoushi with this exclusive clear red Maverasu. On sale Wednesday, October 31st at noon. I'm digging the clear red with black and gold highlights. The sandy mud paint on the tips is interesting and different... If you're a Cronic fan, you're already sold at the clear red colorway.






IMG_0939 400x266


In bitter sweet news, Aki who worked at Ningyoushi and Darkside (recon / nort, somehow usually at the same day and time) is moving back to Japan to work with Gargamel at their Thrashout store. From Double Punch: As a gift from Darkside’s manager, Colin (next door), Aki got a custom painting from Sam Flores! I’m sooooo jealous!! Mike Ness, Misfits, Slam dancing, brass knuckles… it’s 100% Aki!!! Colin rocks and so does Sam. . Good luck Aki!


My favorite picture of Aki has to be this one with Bwana Spoons!!!


Cronic Black Parade Custom Show at Super 7!!!


Man, good week to be a Cronic! fan in San Francisco. We have not one, but two Cronic events in our lovely city by the Bay this week. First up is the long-anticipated Black Parade Custom show at Super7 tomorrow Tuesday, October 30th at 7pm. This show will feature customs by Naoki Koiwa, the man behind Cronic. Sounds like there will be some kind of production release as well...? Maverasu perhaps?? You don't collect Cronic anyways so why do you care? from Super 7 and Cronic's blog...








hmmmm, hopefully a teaser of the production Maverasu for the show???


Monday, October 29, 2007

Toy Tokyo x RealxHead Exclusive Mutant Evil!!


Sorry I haven't been posting. Just got back from Spain. Camera was stolen, so no pictures to share.....bummer. But have a few nic nacs to show you later....Barcelona is a great city.


Lev over at Toy Tokyo is catching the RealxHead bug....Today marks the 2nd RealxHead x Toy Tokyo exclusive figure. This time we have a pink Mutant Evil which is one of my favorite RxH sculps. It matches an old school Chaos colorway so they should look pretty sweet together (not that I own the Chaos)...I'm looking forward to more TT x RxH exclusives. Thanks to Lev and Lalon for hooking up us collectors that don't live in NYC with phone orders.

Sweet icing on the cake was LASH's RealxHead customs on sale at TT today as well. Four in all. I think some of LASH's best work....great photography too!! I would have purchased all four if I could.....amazing...!!!





Bummed you missed out? ok, head back to Toy Tokyo for this Secret Base x Balzac "5 Years Later" event! You've got Bats with Bags and GID Trick or Treat parts to eat!! Monday from 6pm-9pm EST.....


Super 7 Halloween Undead Extravaganza!!!

halloweenundeadset 400x299

I managed to pretty much miss 1/2 of the annual Halloween tradition at Super7 which is a rad figure each week for four (4) consecutive Saturdays. Collect all four figures and get a fifth mystery figure free! Normally, Super 7 will feature four figures from the same toy company in the same colorway. This year was a surprise line-up featuring Gargamel, Super 7's own Stomp and RealxHead!! This is my third year and I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning. This last Saturday was the final week featuring a surprise RealxHead Organ Bat. We also got to turn in our tokens that came with each of the other figures for the surprise mystery figure: a sick collaboration between Brian Flynn's very own Stomp and RealxHead Chaos called CHOMP!! Here's a re-cap:

Week One: Stomp!


Week Two: Gargamel Cumberlain


Week Three: Gargamel Gargadeath!


Week Four: Real x Head Organ Bat


Mystery Bonus Figure: Super 7 x Real x Head CHOMP!!

chomp 400x499

B.Flynn laying down the truth on mangakaben...


OG Lokash with Super 7 captain Josh...


Joe Bunny showing off his new figure based on him...RealxHead Cyclomaniyon...


Rhinomilk, Gatchabert and Shibby busting out the goods...

IMG_0910 400x299

SetYourGoals and chica stoked to get more RxH!!


Sadly, Ben did not win the Junkspot Fruity Pebbles Chaos raffle....


Ben did get an Undead Organ Bat and the latest issue of Kaiju-Taro Kai-Zine to show him all the other RealxHead he doesn't own...



The new lady of Super 7, Alicia!


IMG_8299 400x299
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