Thursday, May 29, 2008

Le Merde x Cometdebris !!!

2530437817_cba3d44405_b 400x533

Following up on the smash success of the recent Le Merde show at Super 7, Comet Debris just released a very limited set of custom Le Merde figures today. Many a broken heart is in the works as demand will far outstrip supply of these amazing figures.

2531258336_57ccce4830_b 400x533

2531240614_7fe389b543_b 400x533

2530439811_7ece176939_b 400x533

2530426793_fec89b191c_b 400x533

2530433929_2b237d0da4_b 400x641

2531259848_22b3c8fb11_b 400x533

Introducing Super 7 Mummy Boy!!

2509393797_1ecec93dc0_o 400x533

The latest figure from Super7 and also the new mascot, Mummy Boy!! I like the colorway. Painted GID. The nub with the bone sticking out is an awesome detail. The face itself, while true to all of Super 7's character features, seems almost too cute. Maybe a bit more edge? Skulls are always good....

More than likely, part of the Super 7 7th Anniversary Lucky Bag extravaganza on June 7th...

Huck Gee "Puto" Bootleg!!!

IMG_3200 400x599

Got this Huck Gee "Puto" Bootleg in a trade recently. This thing is pretty crazy when you have it in hand. It's really heavy!! I think it's made out of some kind of nutty resin, but it almost feels like solid granite! I dig the sculp and the detail on the wings are amazing. It's pretty big too. I believe around 10 inches or so...

IMG_3205 400x599

IMG_3202 400x599

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fewture EX-Gokin Boss Borot!!!

IMG_3177 400x599

Finally lugged these guys out of their boxes to take some shots. Love 'em. Chunky, heavy, die-cast with a retro, junkyard vibe going on. Designed and sculpted by the late, great Taku "Professor Robo" Sato, this figure is truly a work of art. I liked it so much, I had to get this toy in both colorways. As you can see, the detail is beyond amazing. Look at the three pilots!! check out the tiny fire extinguisher!!??

IMG_3162 400x599

IMG_3192 400x599

IMG_3155 400x599

IMG_3190 400x599

IMG_3150 400x599

IMG_3187 400x599

IMG_3147 400x599

IMG_3144 400x599

IMG_3184 400x599

IMG_3173 400x599

IMG_3182 400x599

IMG_3197 400x599

Touma Custom TuDo Show at Fewmany!!!

33a_500 400x407

Kicking off a new sculp that will go production in July, Touma custom painted 50 of his new TuDo figures each with different horns and noses. The bad news is that I missed out on every single one I was willing to shell out $200 for. The good news is that I saved $200 I didn't really have to spend. Pictures courtesy of Fewmany Blog.

480_320a 400x266

photo01 (2) 400x400

25a_500 400x418

photo03 400x400

13a_500 400x414

photo05 400x400

27a_500 400x382

photo04 400x400

18a_500 400x477

200805%2F26%2F33%2Ff0010033_19394720 400x299

35a_500 400x346

photo02 400x400

01a_500 400x414

f0010033_19395756 400x299

f0010033_1940976 400x299

New BLObPUS Andagon GEM version!!!

andagonp1if7 400x400

BLObPUS released pics of a new head and arm sculp based on the Diablo body. Looks like one of the deep sea Angler fish with the luminescent light bulb. I dig the colorway of course. I would like to see the sculp in person.

Here it is in the clear amber colorway...

1aaa59722545207e64d3967435a59a08 400x300

BLObPUS teaming up with Vinyl Junkies in more ways than one!

49b277623ef2f49df619d95cdeaf58a1 400x300

A bit late, but I think this hot pink Diablo is the best colorway yet...

5a51af6ecdc3b6026ca88a83db6fe74a 400x300

Friday, May 23, 2008

Real x Head Plantman Organ Bat!!!

IMG_3134 400x599

IMG_3137 400x599

IMG_3138 400x599

IMG_3136 400x599

Kustom Kaiju from Dead Presidents!!!

Picture305 400x520

Every once in a while, we get western toy customizers who venture over to the dark side and wanna lend their skills to customizing Japanese vinyl. Some can make the transition, some cannot. In this particular case, we have a auto and motorcycle custom painter and pin striper who paints western platform toys and is now trying his hand with Japanese vinyl. Some of the guys like it, some do not. I personally think it kicks ass. Cronic is a skilled artist and his pin-striped Deathras are some of the most highly coveted pieces of vinyl on earth. Although Cronic is pin striping his own toys and that in itself makes them extremely valuable, he is mimicking pin stripers like Dead Presidents at the end of the day. So when a automotive pin-striper like Dead Presidents give a Deathra a spin, the results are interesting and amazing IMHO...

Picture307 400x549

Picture315 400x486

Picture317 400x506

chaos-web-front 400x462

pharoh-web-back 400x675

2480991333_50ecc2f244_o 400x533

2481752072_3716a8972c_o 400x299

toyflyer 400x258

Pictures courtesy of Dead Presidents and L'amour Supreme!!!
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