Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Kaiju Invades New York" Customs Available Online Now!!!


All the customs that were not sold at the "Kaiju Invades New York" show at Toy Tokyo are now available for purchase online by going HERE.

The BLObPUS customs I painted can be conveniently located HERE for purchase. Mini Docross is HERE and the Mini Kaijin is HERE.

Go get 'em so I can pay for the Ashley Wood World War Robots!!! Better hurry, they will only be online for another few weeks and then they will be shipped back to

IMG_1909 400x599

IMG_1929 400x599


Jeremy said...

Hey Kirkland--I'm a fan of your blog. I posted the info on the kaiju customs here.

Good luck getting a Bertie!

toybot studios said...

Thanks Jeremy! I dig your blog as well!!

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