Friday, November 30, 2007

LASH x Gargamel = Gargalash Pirated Run!!

IMG_1213 400x599

Customizer extraordinaire and passionate collector LASH made a super limited run of these custom Gargamel figures in the most beautiful colorway...!! I would love to see more runs like this from LASH on RealxHead figures since we have an abundance of the flesh blanks!! Ya gotta love LASH's packaging as well. Very professional. Even better than many production releases. Thanks for the link on your header card LASH! cool....

IMG_1217 400x599

IMG_1216 400x599

IMG_1218 400x599

IMG_1223 (2) 400x599

IMG_1224 400x266

Popsoda 5th Anniversary Goodies!!!

277-2 400x533

Happy 5th Anniversary Popsoda!!! Looks like you have lots of yummy exclusive toys to celebrate!! Of course, we all love the painted Rangeas above, but sadly, only obtainable if you win the lottery for this figure.....

Space age silver Rumble Monsters

popsodathirteenep3 400x533

More Skull Toys!!

popsodadocroxfh0 400x533

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

toybot studios Campus Edition Popsoda!!!

kps1_sm 400x599


Super7 is proud to present the Toybot Studios Campus Edition Pop Soda!!

This pink and purple beauty is first official release by toy customizer and collector Kirkland Jue of Toybot Studios, in collaboration with Pop Soda of Japan, and released by Super7 of San Francisco.

Truly a momentous collaboration, the Toybot Studios Campus Edition Pop Soda figure was designed by Vinyl Superstar Katsura Mori of Real x Head for Pop Soda, with the colorway designed and lovingly hand painted by San Francisco local Kirkland Jue of Toybot Studios.

This syrupy drippy soda jerk is 6" tall, and cast in clear pink vinyl with blue, purple and green sprays. Don't miss your chance to pick up this amazing figure made by a collector for collectors!!

The Toybot Studios Campus Edition Pop Soda will be offered for sale at $70, and will be available at the Super7 Store, Saturday December 15th, at 11AM pacific.

wow, this is a dream come true! I gotta give a HUGE Thank You to Kaiju Taro, Brian and Josh from Super 7, Frank Kozik and of course the Popsoda Crew for making this happen!! Big inspiration from Paul Kaiju, LASH, Shapeshifta, Locomoco, Rhinomilk, Cometdebris, Motorbot, Redhanded, Lamoursupreme, Hiro and of course, Mori!!

The best part of this package is that Josh Herbolsheimer from Super 7 did the header card artwork. We thought it would super cool if we made the entire backside of the package his artwork so you can cut it off from the header card and frame on your wall! Josh's artwork will be approximately 5"x7" and suitable for framing in your toy room!

promo_art 400x279

This Popsoda figure is called "Campus Edition" because his jacket represents our high school Varsity letterman's jacket at John Marshall High in Los Angeles. Ah, high school....good times....good times...!! Dedicated to the Class of '85 and '86...


Cure Overseas Limited Edition Boogie Man!!!

IMG_1201 400x599

This is the 2nd Cure Boogie Man to be released and I gotta say this figure is pretty rad. I think it was a Toy Tokyo exclusive, but for some reason that deal fell apart and it's now the "Overseas Limited Edition". Funny, cause the header card says "NYC Limited Edition". Anyways, when I first saw pictures of the figure, I was afraid it was like a 9" standard size figure which would be too large for my collection, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it's a 7" figure. It has a ton of detail and personality for a figure this size from the paint application to the clothing, mask and the little chains on it's arms and legs. Great figure to add to your collection...

IMG_1204 400x599

IMG_1203 400x599

IMG_1198 400x599

IMG_1207 400x599

IMG_1208 400x599

IMG_1211 400x599

Bwana Spoons at Vinyl Toy Network!!!

vp steven 400x312

Check out Bwana Spoons latest creations and customs at Vinyl Toy Network December 2nd at the Pasadena Convention Center. What could be a better Christmas gift than a Bwana Spoons custom painted clear Smogun? Nothing!

vp smogon bath 400x225

vp rainbow 400x305

L1010702 400x225

vp smogon01

Super 7 December!!!

pumpkin_scud 400x488

December Events at Super7!!!

Check out these hot events at Super7, guaranteed to keep you warm this December!!

Saturday 12/1 -
Super7 x Rumble Monsters Double Scud Robot Released!!

Saturday 12/1 -
Book signing with August Ragone, author of 'Master of Monsters!!

Saturday 12/8 -
"Art of the Rising Sons" RxH Art show and Exhibition!!

Saturday 12/15 -
Toybot Sudios Campus Edition Pop Soda Released!!



Super7 is proud to present the PUMPKIN BOMBER DOUBLE SCUD ROBOT!! This blazing, fire shooting robot menace detonates onto the scene just in time to melt away the frosty winter chill, and warm up your toys this holiday season.

Created by Rumble Monsters and Super7, the Pumpkin Bomber Double Scud is 6.5" tall, and cast in burnt orange soft vinyl with brown, black, silver and red spray. Don't miss your chance to bring home this hot-headed fighting robot to light your fireplace this winter!

The Pumpkin Bomber Double Scud will be offered for sale at $80, Saturday December 1st, 11AM at the Super7 Store, first come first served.

book_signing_sm 400x564


Come join Super7 as we celebrate August Ragone's debut book, EIJI TSUBURAYA: MASTER OF MONSTERS, published by the world-renowned Chronicle Books!

Eiji Tsuburaya (1901 - 1970) was one of the technical pioneers of Japanese Cinema in the Silent Era, who went on to create the visual effects for GODZILLA and ULTRAMAN. This official 208-page, heavily illustrated coffee table hardcover is the first fully-authorized book of its kind, and the first biography of this important figure of Japanese Cinema ever written outside of Japan!

Come meet the author and get your autographed copy of this landmark book!

Saturday, December 1st, 3-5PM at the Super7 Store.

Secret Base x Crank = Crank Brain!!

IMG_1173 400x599

I've always, always wanted a Secret Base Crank figure, but they were usually too expensive and too hard to obtain on the secondary market. So when the ultra-cool folks at Secret Base set aside a few especially for us overseas collectors, I was super happy to get the tip off from a Rad fellow board member on Skullbrain . Toy Karma is strong in this guy..... Unfortunately, there were only a few as many that emailed Secret Base got a "sold out" reply. You couldn't choose the color so i'm super lucky to get this beautiful and I mean stunning blue version. I love it. Thank You Secret Base, Thank You Crank and Thank You RM!!

IMG_1168 400x599

IMG_1197 400x599

IMG_1176 400x599

IMG_1175 400x599

IMG_1193 400x599

IMG_1177 400x599

IMG_1179 400x599

IMG_1189 400x599

IMG_1185 400x599

IMG_1186 400x599

IMG_1180 400x599

IMG_1187 400x599

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Max Toy Co. x Rumble Monsters Damnedron!!!

damnedronClear_nopaint_closeWeb 400x627

wow, here's a sneak peek at Max Toy Co upcoming, soon-to-be-released Damnedron collaboration with Rumble Monsters. Clear Damnedron with paper gut inserts illustrated by Mark Nagata. I think it makes a killer combo!! Max Toy Co. subscribers get first dibs and any leftovers go to the webstore.

"Art of the Rising Sons" RealxHead x Lil Japan Show at Super 7, Dec. 8th!!

chaos_framed 400x488

Man up!! The RealxHead show is coming!!!!

"Art of the Rising Sons"

Super7 is proud to present "Art of the Rising Sons," an exhibition and art show exploring the history of one of the world's premier vinyl mutant monster makers! For this event, Super7 is teaming up with white-hot Japanese Fight Figure Superstar Mori Katsura of Real x Head and San Francisco artist extraordinaire and Super7 team player LilJapan, for an Exhibition of the History of Real x Head.

The collection on display will feature nearly every RxH figure made to date, including several 1-off customs and prototypes from Mori himself!! Drawing inspiration from similar themes, the pen-and-ink artwork of LilJapan will add to the monster mania and blow minds in only two-dimensions!

Of course, we at Super7 know that all these amazing vintage Real x Head pieces on display only is almost too much to bear, so we be offering a jaw-dropping show exclusive Real x Head Mutant Chaos for sale to appease the frenzied hunger of the toy fiends. The original artwork of LilJapan will also be available, as well as a few other top secret surprises.

Come join in the Mutant Madness, Saturday December 8th, 7-10PM at the Super7 Store!

Super 7
1628 Post Street
San Francisco, CA

Carlos Enriquez at Praxis Art Gallery, Dec. 8th

news_Enriquez 400x495

Super nice guy and crazy, amazing kaiju-inspired sculpter Carlos Enriquez will be having a show at Praxis International Art Gallery in Miami on December 8th. You gotta love his colors and his unbelievable sculptures!! If you wanna check out more of his work, take a look at the pieces at the Toy Karma Show at Rotofugi a few months ago....

Check out the custom Max Toy Co Eyezon!!

carlos_figures1 400x229

BLObPUS at Hobby Complex last weekend...!!

guts 400x397

Here's a couple of BLObPUS figures you may or may not have missed this past weekend at Hobby Complex. The big hoopla is over this clear BLObPUS with a real insert (as opposed to a paper insert). I'm digging it and it must be added to the collection.... Think of the creative color combos this toy could bring out...I'll take this toy in another ten colorways please....

Less interesting is this new sculp Kaijin's kinda cool, but for some reason that I cannot explain, i'm not feeling the Kaijin anymore.

blobpus kaijin docross.1 400x647

Monday, November 26, 2007

mastermind Japan x 10th Anniversary x Bandai = $3,800 Zaku II!!!

bhshop_4_3 400x400

I don't know shit about fashion, but I like to keep up with what the kiddies are wearing by checking out Hypebeast. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon these pics of an interesting collaboration between mastermind Japan and Bandai celebrating mastermind's 10th Anniversary. For those of you (like me) that don't know shit about mastermind Japan, you might be surprised at the hefty price tag for this Zaku figure at nearly $3,800.00 USD. Even with the dollar weak as shit, that's the price of a fucking small car! For those of you fuckers that DO know mastermind Japan, you might not be surprised since you pay between $400-$1,000 for one of their T-shirts with a skull and crossbones logo on it. Who the hell are you people??? The only thing that makes this situation somewhat palatable is that this Zaku is HUGE. It comes in at over 3.5' feet tall!! That's a lot of money, but then again, that's a lot of Zaku!!! I wouldn't mind this guy in my foyer so it can guard my Bentley! High rollers that wear $400 t-shirts to the gym order it at the Bandai Hobby Shop.

bhshop_4 400x400

bhshop_4_5 400x400

bhshop_4_4 400x400

bhshop_4_1 400x400
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