Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Ayanami and Patlabor Revoltech Figures!!!


Kaiyodo's Revoltech machine continues to pump out new figures! Why not? They are cheap, super poseable and crazy addictive. You can't just buy one....


You dig Ayanami, eh? Pervert...she's only a teenager...I mean a clone...I mean and're a sick bastard! I like her too. Especially in the plug suit and more importantly in Revoltech flavor which means all kinds of super.....flexible....poses.

Slightly is the new Patlabor Revoltechs including Helldiver which I think is the coolest.

TOY-RBT-0050_01 400x523

TOY-RBT-0050_03 400x457

TOY-RBT-0050_05 400x325

then we have the underwhelming Brocken...

TOY-RBT-0051_01 400x583

TOY-RBT-0051_11 400x583

and Brocken OVA version...

TOY-RBT-0052_11 400x559

TOY-RBT-0052_01 400x583

All should be out December timeframe. Check out more great Japanese toys at

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