Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Custom BLObPUS Pregnant Dokugan for TAG Red Carpet Kaiju Show


oh man... check out these pics of this sick, sick BLObPUS one-off featuring a pregnant Dokugan. I'm really digging the minis! For the Red Carpet Kaiju Show at the Toy Art Gallery. Thanks Martoy!


Custom Cronic Maverasu


Cronic seems to be taking a hiatus lately. Which is too bad because he has a loyal following. But when one-offs like this custom Maverasu appear, it gives hope that he's still making toys. spied on super collectorjcat's flickr. What makes this toy is the intricate headress. It blends perfectly with the rest of the sculpt. Beautiful photography as well..!




3A Bambaboss AT/AT Driver Custom by grphka


awesome Bambaboss custom by artist GRPHKA aka Ryan Vulk. Looking forward to seeing the finished work.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, this is Ashley Woods 3A Bamabaland Anniversary figure, combined with an AT/AT Driver from Star Wars, to form my 1st custom named AT/3A. This is just in its primed state, but I thought it looked in good enough shape to throw out there. Still have to clean it up a bit and smooth it down in some spots, maybe over the Labor Day weekend I can get this finished off with a nice paint job.





via: The Land of Frost



Shit! Sold out at Garimpo already? I suck.

Cure x Project 1/6 Exclusive Fungah...!


6,980 yen. On sale at Project 1/6 on September 11th.

Rumble Monsters "West End Killer Man"

rumble saw

On sale soon at One Up and Popsoda

Monday, August 30, 2010

OsiRisORion for Red Carpet Kaiju Show at TAG

Dark Oil Slick Shuttlegon 01

OsiRisORion Custom Kaiju for the Red Carpet Kaiju Show at the Toy Art Gallery. I like his use of metallics with these toys. I also like that he's not painting those weird lines on his toys anymore too.

grp shot 01
light oil slick puppets 01

Madragora Marnon 01

Melon Burst Zudon 01

Jay 222 Customizes Kaiju

Jay222 does Kaiju

Artist Jay222 is a super nice guy. I met him recently at the Toxic Catalyst Show. But you really wouldn't know it by looking at his art. You might think he's one demented mother fucker. I traded him a custom RealxHead figure for some toys and he came up with this. He likes to take one figure and create two custom toys out of them. Really interesting gimmick. Usually he will take the head and make a body for it. Then make a head for the remaining body. The idea behind the RealxHead set is that it's a Prom Date with a Chaperone. "A prom date monster gone bad" I would hate to see the rest of this hellish prom.

Jay222 does Kaiju

Jay222 does Kaiju

Jay222 does Kaiju

to see more of Jay222 kaiju customs, hit the jump....

Real x Head Summer Micro Releases


Thanks to Datadub, we get to see some of the more interesting Summer "micro releases" from Shinto Gangu. I'm liking the colorways a lot. especially the metallics. Mori has been pimping a few on a daily basis for the guys that pop in.




but maybe we will get a chance at some of these with RealxHead US?

With sales slow in Japan, I always thought this made a lot of sense: Sell directly to your buyers in the US.

New Cure Sno-Cone Boogie Man and Suckfly's...!



Were on Pre-order over at Lulubell Toys. $120 for the Boogie and $25 for the
Suckfly's blind bagged.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rotobox Custom Celsius Captain Harlock

Rotobox Harlock Custom Celsius

Rotobox is at it again. This time with a tribute to your favorite Space Pirate: Captain Harlock. limited Edition of four. $280 at the Rotobox Online Store

Rotobox Harlock Custom Celsius

Rotobox Harlock Custom Celsius

Red Carpet Kaiju Show at Toy Art Gallery, Sept. 4th...

Red Carpet Kaiju Show at TAG

Red Carpet Kaiju Show at TAG

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present our newest group show, Red Carpet Kaiju! We’ve invited some of the best monster and kaiju-inspired artists from around the world to showcase their unique visions and talents within this strange and wonderful sub-genre of art toys. Their work spans from production toys and hand-painted customs to unique sculptures made from a variety of mediums.

Red Carpet Kaiju Show at TAG

Red Carpet Kaiju features art and toys by: Akoart (Japan), Alimana (Mexico), Blobpus (Japan), Bob Conge/Plaseebo, Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez (Venezuela), Emilio Garcia (Spain), Lil Japan, Ilanena (Japan), L’amour Supreme, LASH, Mark Nagata, Matt Walker, Paul Kaiju, Pico Pico (Japan), Toshikazu Nozaka (Japan), Tulip (Japan), Uamou (Japan), Velocitron (Japan), Yamazakura (Japan) and more.

Red Carpet Kaiju Show at TAG

Some highlights include the debut of Blobpus’s newest figure BERORON, a collaboration with Akoart and an exclusive run of Emilio Garcia’s JUMPING BRAIN vinyl figure. We will also be debuting our toy brand TAGTOYS with sneak previews of new figures: ALIEN ARGUS by Mark Nagata and HIEROPHANY by Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez, both made in luscious Japanese soft vinyl.

Red Carpet Kaiju Show at TAG

Opening reception is September 4th 2010 from 7-11 PM, with artists in attendance, music, drinks, a food truck, giveaways, live video streaming, and more!

Hollywood, CA-based Toy Art Gallery is the first gallery its kind to showcase and consult on high-end art toys and sculptures. Our goal is to showcase exciting, original, and new artists who use figurative sculpture as their primary medium of expression.

Toy Art Gallery
737 Seward St. #1
(off Melrose Ave)
Los Angeles, CA 90038

more pics after the jump

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Toxic Catalyst Show Video...!!


Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Ltd Edition Yamazakura Set and Mandarake Sludge Demon


LASH throws it down some more with this one-off Yamazakura set following the Lulubell release. Drop a note to mutantvinylhardcore@gmail.com and LASH will announce a winner this weekend. By winner I mean you get to pay $150 for the set.




Japan only Sludge Demon release for Mandarake on GID vinyl.



Better shots of the one-off Doji-san sold at the Toxic Catalyst Show




Monday, August 23, 2010

Toxic Catalyst Show Recap...!!

Toxic Catalyst Show
Toxic Catalyst Show
Tattoo Royale Guf and Milton. MonstreHero Cliff with Skinner (not necessarily named after the artist Skinner, but more of a X-Files thing) and if you understood any of that, you're a nerd.

The Toxic Catalyst Show was Saturday night. Curated by the Resin Power Duo MonstreHero and hosted at our very own Super7. I was really blown away by the volume and variety of amazing resin pieces. Although many would consider these "garage toys" and i'm sure most of them were made amongst toxic clouds in their garage, the level of detail and artistry puts these figures on the same level as anything i've seen. If you haven't guessed, resin has arrived.

Paul Kaiju
Toxic Catalyst Show

Le Merde
Toxic Catalyst Show

Toxic Catalyst Show

Toxic Catalyst Show

Toxic Catalyst Show

Brian Flynn
Toxic Catalyst Show

Toxic Catalyst Show

Steven Erst
Toxic Catalyst Show

Tattoo Royale x Le Merde
Toxic Catalyst Show

way more pictures after the jump...
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