Thursday, August 05, 2010

BLObPUS HP Atelier G-1 Hedorah...!!!

BLObPUS HP Hedorah
White Tide ver.

Wondering what those eyes are for up on the BLObPUS blog? Wonder no more..! BLObPUS was kind enough to put you out of your misery by sending me exclusive pics of his new amazing, insane, sick HP Atelier G-1 HEDORAH..!!! Thank You BLObPUS...!! No word yet on availability, price, etc...

Red Tide ver.
BLObPUS HP Hedorah

Green Tide ver.
BLObPUS HP Hedorah

BLObPUS HP Hedorah


jean hugues champloo said...

first time i find a kaiju nice

Nathan said...

Those figures are just incredible. I wish Bandai made colorways this cool!

Newton Gimmick said...

When, where and how can I get my hands on one of these?!

toybot studios said...

Lulubell toys has them up for pre-order.

Petra Ortiz said...

Awesome, my favourite is the GREEN VERSION. My 5yr old son wanted me to find some cool Hedorah action figures, these are the best photos I've seen.


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