Thursday, January 31, 2008

LASH x Real x Head Custom Horror Set!!!

2222709760_c2bca30b7d 400x634

RealxHead freak, artist and Customs Guru, LASH does it again with this entire RealxHead "Horror" Custom set. LASH was selling it for a very reasonable $600 and it was snatched up by hungry collectors in the first few minutes. A bargain at $150 per figure for custom RxH by LASH.

2222709758_bcc4c2d8e7 400x533

2222709756_c82b4871e5 400x595

2222711978_7d70f1b14d 400x552

Kaiju-Taro SOLID Custom RealxHead Chaos

2217424005_2edb924697_o 400x533

I do believe that this custom RealxHead Chaos from Hedorah666 is the first publicized custom from the brilliant Kaiju-Taro SOLID brand. A customizer's dream, KT SOLID gathers blank white figures from the best Japanese manufacturers including RealxHead, Gargamel, Rumble Monsters and Sunguts and sells them at a discount with no silly frills like bags and headers so customizers can go wild. It is no mistake that Kaiju-Taro is the only game in town to get our favorite paint designed specifically for vinyl: V-Color. I still shake my head at Taro's business acumen. SOLID indeed!!!

But this Chaos is what really gets me excited! I love the colorway and the subtle use of Silver. I'd love to see more customs from Hedorah666!!! Awesome!!!!

2217423853_0aaeb1f87f_o 400x299

Gigantic Skuttle On The Way!!!

SK-giant1 400x559

You guys prolly have seen this already, but Play Imaginative has teamed up with Touma to create this monstrosity of a 18" Skuttle!!! This thing is huge! I like it, but not crazy about the colorway....Going big must be the new trend. Look for it at this year's San Diego Comic Con. Better bring an extra suitcase...

SK-giant3 400x351

SK-giant4 400x270

SK-gian2t 400x408

Mummified Customs by Motorbot!!!

mummy 400x667

Check out the latest customs by artist Kevin Olson aka Motorbot. This Secret Base Skullman is for a customs contest sponsored by Shocker World Wide.

mummy1 400x806

While he was at it, he thought he would mummify a Secret Base Mad Balls figure as well. The two headed Mad Balls never looked so cool....

doublemummy1 400x543

doublemummy 400x536

Monday, January 28, 2008

Kozik x Real x Head = 36" Mutant Evil: Huge is the New Mini!!!

dsc00404pn5 400x740

Frank Kozik is producing a Three Foot tall RealxHead Mutant Evil. It's being sculpted by this guy Rommel above in the Philippines and will be made out fiberglass. $500 base price not including shipping. As soon as the sculp is approved by Mori at Real x Head, Frank will be taking orders over at Skullbrain . Better start saving!!! Fuck this guy is gonna scare the hell out of my kids!!!

omfg963 400x553

readytokickurass270 400x513

Last I understood things, the colorway is going to be this "Nightstalker" custom job that Frank did. I hope so cause I like this waaaaay better than Frank's first choice which was an old school yellow version.


2nd choice colorway. Which one do you prefer?


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dehara x Le Merde x Wilfred Wood = Rad Show at Lulubell Toy Bodega February 2008!!

deharaflier 400x564

A trifecta of artists from three different continents for the first time will be under the same roof. From Japan: Dehara; from the United Kingdom: Wilfred Wood and although sounding French, our hometown hero, Le Merde!!!

From Luke at Lulubell Toy Bodega

Dehara -y- Le Merde -y- Wilfrid Wood
February 2nd from 6 to 9
Lulubell Toy Bodega
439 N 6th Ave ste 187
Tucson AZ

I've gotten confirmation from all three artist that they will be in attendance. This will be the first time all these guys will be together under one roof.

Each artist is bringing a minimum of 35 pieces, maybe more. As far as sells, items will be offered first come first served at 6pm. Any items left over will go up at noon on Feb. 3rd at All items will be up until Feb 29th and ship promptly on March 1st.

The joyous manipulation of clay: Dehara


the Whimsy of Wilfred Wood:



The resin badass-ness of Le Merde:

2223725071_ff67ac6451_o 400x299


Martin Ontiveros' New Ojo Rojo Almost Here!

ojo_rojo_sun 400x225

Check out a few more pics of Martin Ontiveros new Ojo Rojo toy being released at his Rock and Roll Fantasy show at Bwana Spoons Grass Hut Corp on February 1st. Looks like the toy gods have listened and he will be Clear!!!! I'm sure there will be some custom painted ones which will rock and the above picture shows some kind of stuff inside. Clear toys with stuff inside always kick ass. Kiyoka from Gargamel killed it on this sculp. although I wouldn't mind the original mini Ojo Rojo be released in another 10 different colorways!!

newojo02 400x710

newojo01 400x326

Other news in the land of rainbows is that the Killer Two Pack is unfortunately SOLD OUT. I hope you got yours and I hope you donated to the Sea Shepard foundation to stop whale slaughter!!

L1020321 400x224

DSC06803 400x299

DSC06784 400x299

Another sneak peek at Bwana's upcoming Cosmic Smogun series coming in February!!!

L1020304 400x294

LASH x Real x Head Customs Ryusei "Galaga" Ninja!!!


2224045133_d06ef3bfc0 400x579

LASH busts out with the homage to the serious old skool coin-op, "GALAGA"!! If I had a nickel for every quarter that I pumped into this machine at the local 7-11.....lemme tell you. One of my all-time favorite video games. Based on a RealxHead Ryusei Ninja, this custom is galatic!


LASH does this classic vid justice rocking not only the V-Color, but also the House of Kolor paints! Check out that flake? Damn...cosmic, like i'm playing the game all possum-like. Waiting to get captured so I can blast your insect ass double-fisted space ship style.

2224045137_729220a807 400x660

2224045143_dac453764a 400x299

2224045153_208e99e8e7 400x579

2224045159_443502633e 400x533

LASH's new header card rules!! Hey.....wait a minute...!

2224151917_ae779fe380 400x476


Thursday, January 24, 2008

toybot studios Custom Real x Head Chaos!!!

IMG_1760 400x599

These are my first two custom RealxHead Chaos figures. I tried the "Fighting Spirit" technique of rubbing off the paint to reveal the contrasting vinyl underneath, but leaving paint in all the nooks and crannies. While not perfect, I do like how this first one turned out. The base is the Kaiju-Taro Black pearl Chaos.

IMG_1762 400x599

IMG_1766 400x599

IMG_1769 400x599

IMG_1767 400x599

IMG_1770 400x599

This next guy, I struggled a bit...It's based on the solid Red Chaos from one of the festivals last year. I got it from Super7. When I first painted it with metallic light and royal blue, he looked a lot like Ultraman. I'm still not crazy about it. I may have to send him to an acetone bath and have a do-over.

IMG_1773 400x599

IMG_1778 400x599

IMG_1780 400x599

IMG_1776 400x599

IMG_1779 400x599

IMG_1828 400x599
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