Sunday, January 27, 2008

Martin Ontiveros' New Ojo Rojo Almost Here!

ojo_rojo_sun 400x225

Check out a few more pics of Martin Ontiveros new Ojo Rojo toy being released at his Rock and Roll Fantasy show at Bwana Spoons Grass Hut Corp on February 1st. Looks like the toy gods have listened and he will be Clear!!!! I'm sure there will be some custom painted ones which will rock and the above picture shows some kind of stuff inside. Clear toys with stuff inside always kick ass. Kiyoka from Gargamel killed it on this sculp. although I wouldn't mind the original mini Ojo Rojo be released in another 10 different colorways!!

newojo02 400x710

newojo01 400x326

Other news in the land of rainbows is that the Killer Two Pack is unfortunately SOLD OUT. I hope you got yours and I hope you donated to the Sea Shepard foundation to stop whale slaughter!!

L1020321 400x224

DSC06803 400x299

DSC06784 400x299

Another sneak peek at Bwana's upcoming Cosmic Smogun series coming in February!!!

L1020304 400x294

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