Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kaiju-Taro SOLID Custom RealxHead Chaos

2217424005_2edb924697_o 400x533

I do believe that this custom RealxHead Chaos from Hedorah666 is the first publicized custom from the brilliant Kaiju-Taro SOLID brand. A customizer's dream, KT SOLID gathers blank white figures from the best Japanese manufacturers including RealxHead, Gargamel, Rumble Monsters and Sunguts and sells them at a discount with no silly frills like bags and headers so customizers can go wild. It is no mistake that Kaiju-Taro is the only game in town to get our favorite paint designed specifically for vinyl: V-Color. I still shake my head at Taro's business acumen. SOLID indeed!!!

But this Chaos is what really gets me excited! I love the colorway and the subtle use of Silver. I'd love to see more customs from Hedorah666!!! Awesome!!!!

2217423853_0aaeb1f87f_o 400x299

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