Sunday, January 06, 2008

Superfestival 45 Report from Kaiju Taro!!!

sf45_flyer 400x541

Yesterday was Superfestival 45 in Japan. It was also a mad dash in Yahoo Japan Auctions!! Lol.....Luckily we have this great photo report from our friends at Kaiju-Taro. You can also find many more photos on their website, but you might want to shop around first!


For me, Superfest 45 was all about BLObPUS!!!! I want BLObPUS DX in about 32 different colorways!!!

2171239182_eaa89437dd 400x337

2170446017_2c976fc85a 400x299

RealxHead did not disappoint with their two bubble Chaos figures in orange and grey. I love Chaos, but I would love to see more Akrokaiser, Bigaro, Evils...even more Mutant Head!!!

monko99-img600x450-1199593535kaosu_orange_001 400x446

monko99-img600x450-1199593007kaosu_gray_001 400x423

RealxHead goes midget with these mini Chaos! I can hardly wait to get the entire set of RxH figures in munchkin format!!! Pics from Super7 where you may be able to still pre-order them for $40 each limit 2.

mini_chaos_red_sm 400x472

mini_chaos_sm 400x441

Super Secret Chase figure is the all black with the "probe"...

2171238010_675a91dc6a 400x299

New colorway for this new RxH sculp...gimme the clears!!!

2170449375_e3fdb8aa59 400x508

Pepto Bismol RxH mini lucky fortune cat!!

2170444949_956feea44c 400x299

New Ichibanboshi Sculp...

2171243036_3f70459a66 400x557

New colorway for the popular Cure Boogie Man

2171243758_d2abcfe89f_o 400x612

Clear Godzilla with guts? c'mon, that's awsome!

2171237206_a8a998f183 400x327

M1 Go Ultraman Set...

2170451963_8300c19b37_o 400x452

CCP "New Wave" Smoking Hedorah...

2170450187_9a6f5d2bae 400x470

Longneck's new TV monster guy...

2170449955_b13bec27de 400x502


2170445443_9d27849a9e 400x541


2170445145_515ecc2c25 400x322

New Vinyl Junkies "Berries and Cream" Skull Viking. I'm on the fence on this one....

2170443627_9ae760a5c3 400x487

The Popsoda guys look like they are having fun!!

2170448717_ea59de7541 400x325

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