Sunday, January 13, 2008

Koji Harmon 2008 Lucky Bags UPDATED!!!

DSC03544 400x788

Koji Harmon aka Comet Debris rings in 2008 with what looks like 10 Lucky Bags. Like all Lucky Bags in Japan, they are blind so you have no idea what your'e getting. It's a surprise!! And it looks like everyone was pretty stoked with what 2008 brought them!! Some of the guys on Skullbrain posted their amazing Lucky Bags. Thanks guys for the pics!!

Above is my favorite is Stealthtank's M1 Kemur-Jin Salaryman. How sweet is that for $80? Koji is giving it away!!

Stealthtank also pointed out that this Kemur-Jin figure is in the same colorway as Koji's Glitter Godzilla that he did for the Super 7 Monster Mash Show



How about this crazy Woo owned by Fletchthis??!!

6ox2jro 400x533

6tf80lv 400x533

8c3qpoj 400x533

Ridiculous' Gargamel custom Mini Zag

2178157677_e266620104_o 400x299

2176174898_13230d1579_o 400x310

BloodDrinker's M1 Godzilla

zilla019af6 400x533

zilla017nh8 400x299

SaintofSpinners owns this rad custom Gargamel Deathra...

2179505320_63d194e1bd_o 400x533

2178715077_11b1ccfc84_o 400x533

Some very, very nice pick-ups!! Where are the other Koji Harmon lucky bags? By my count, there are still five missing? c'mon show yourselves!!

UPDATED 1/13/2008: More Koji Lucky Bags Revealed!!!

Andy with this day glo Mini Zag

2182046265_87ecccd27d_o 400x533

2182046169_5773064cbc_o 400x563

Muton with his Mighty Mightyn!!

KojiMytin010 400x533

KojiMytin003 400x533

Bottled gets one of my favorites from the bunch...Mini Bako..

2177301058_ba7a4edcb6_o 400x533

Loudwizard with this Hedoran Brother and his crazy oogly eyes!

2181112248_5c858de49c_b 400x299

Stealthtank with another Koji Custom....Chocolate Deathra!!!

DSC03551-1 400x521

Koji said his last Lucky Bag went to a guy in Japan and it was a Blue Hawaii Mini Bakobas. Cool....

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