Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Usugrow Full Color Rebel Ink Figure!!!

IMG_1498 400x599

I'm super digging this Usugrow "Full Color" Rebel Ink figure produced by Secret Base. It's the 3rd incarnatation of this figure. The first two were solid white and black. This version is clear grey with details in black, white and silver. I would say the pad printing is the most intricate i've ever seen on a vinyl toy. Insane detail including Usugrow's trade mark shading...I'm really interested to see what other colorways Secret Base will produce while remaining true to Usugrow's black and white style. Pretty sure you can bet on a clear figure with black or silver spray and/or print coming up. They could do a silver figure too....

IMG_1473 400x599

IMG_1488 400x599

IMG_1472 400x599

It says "LOVEHATE" in Usugrow script...

IMG_1483 400x599

IMG_1474 400x599

IMG_1485 400x599

IMG_1476 400x599

IMG_1481 400x599

IMG_1500 400x599

IMG_1492 400x599

A few shots with the first salt and pepper set...

IMG_1499 400x599

IMG_1508 400x599

IMG_1505 400x599

IMG_1502 400x599

One more time cause I love this pic of Usugrow...


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