Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bevy of Bwana!!!

Ed_toxicSwamp_glow_MaxToyCo_001_b 400x512

Two new Bwana Spoons colorways are being released very soon. The first one above is Toxic Swamp Edward the Gator. GID green vinyl released today and available right now at Max Toy Co online website!!!

EdToxicSwampGlow_back_MaxToy_001_b 400x533

Next we have the Midnight Metal Steven the Bat from Super7

Super7 is proud to present Midnight Metal Steven the Bat!!

Steven the Bat is back, and he is ready to stay up late, rocking the night away! The MIDNIGHT METAL Steven the Bat is cast in glow-in-the-dark vinyl with orange spray and details, so he can shine in the dark, while he is pounding away on the drums with his band, Soft Crusher!!

Created by super-cosmic Portland based artist Bwana Spoons, and produced by Super7, this cute yet rockin' figure is 4.5" tall and comes packaged hanging upside down in his Bat Cave box with a pair of drumsticks, ready to rock!.

Midnight Metal Steven the Bat will be offered for sale at $45, Saturday, January 19th at 11am Pacific at the Super7 Store.

Don't be left in the dark, pick up your Midnight Metal Steven the Bat before the lights go out!

midnight_steven 400x404

midnight_glow 400x404

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