Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kaws Vader !!!

IMG_2224 400x599

So I finally got my Kaws Vader thanks to a Skullbrain boardmember. You don't wanna know what I had to give him for it. Let's just say i've enjoyed these two pieces long enough and it's time to allow another passionate collector revel in their beauty. I believe it was a very fair trade as these Vaders are going for an arm and a leg. First thing you notice is how small it is. Although I've seen size comparison shots, it still looks small. It's only 10" inches tall so he's not even 1/6 size. But when you look at my size comparison shots below, they make him seem big....odd...

I'm not a huge Star Wars or Darth Vader fan. Nor am I particularly a big Kaws fan either. But I do dig this figure. Dunno, it's hard to explain, but he's pretty detailed, has a cool cape and has a presence amongst all the other toys. It would be cool to have more Kaws x Star Wars figures too. Kaws x Storm Trooper, Boba Fett, Tie-Fighter Pilot and of course.....Kaws x Darth Maul. That would be pretty cool....

IMG_2238 400x599

IMG_2225 400x599

IMG_2285 400x599

IMG_2227 400x599

IMG_2240 400x599

IMG_2288 400x599

IMG_2244 400x599

Onell Design New Pheyden Colorways!!!

IMG_2313 400x599

I just recently received my first Onell Design Pheyden and Crayboth figures. Thanks Matt!! Couple of things you notice right away...these guys are beautiful. The clears look like Gummy Bears and you wanna bite their head off! They instantly remind you of Takara's Micromen, but they are smaller at less than 3" inches tall. However, most important, when you pick these guys up, they have a slight heft that is very satisfying in-hand and they just feel SOLID. The sculp is amazing and the joints are nice and tight. Awesome articulation in all the right spots and just plain satisfying to play with. I think Takara and any action figure manufacturer could learn alot from Onell Design.

Also making their first appearance are some brand new color versions of Pheyden and Exellis. Each version has some kind of connection to things we loved as children. Influences range from tiny metallic plastic Star Raiders figures, Big Daddy Roth, Rat Fink, Antron, Membros, Henshin Cyborg and Saturday mornings in front of the tube (Galaxy High anyone?). This selection is a direct homage to the things that keep us smiling; a tiny representation of very big memories that are always fun to recall.

IMG_2305 400x599

IMG_2306 400x599

IMG_2308 400x599

IMG_2301 400x599

IMG_2299 400x599

IMG_2297 400x599

IMG_2293 400x599

IMG_2289 400x599

These Crayboths below are a newer design for Onell. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but they are really tiny. At only 1.5 inches tall, they are kinda like a mini crustacean sidekick....

IMG_2319 400x599

IMG_2323 400x599

Super 7 Snakes of Infinity Underwater Attack Squirm!!!

Squirm_Clear_Blue 400x469

Super7 is proud to present the UNDERWATER ATTACK SQUIRM!!!

The second member of the SNAKES OF INFINITY line of Soft Vinyl Fight Figures has been lurking underwater, waiting patiently for the right time to attack! Cast in clear blue vinyl with blue and navy spray, the Underwater Attack Squirm blends in with his watery surroundings to make him clearly the most menacing mutant under the waves.

The Snakes of Infinity are a near endless team of monster villains set upon conquering the world as part of the secret evil organization, D.A.R.K. (Diabolical Animal Regenerative Killers). D.A.R.K. is led by the maniacal scientist Dr. Killgore, who creates each monster with a terrifying mix of man and beast. The Snakes of Infinity appear to rise from the shadows of the world, ready to strike at any moment, and when one monster dies, three others seemingly take its place.

Will the world ever be safe again? Or will D.A.R.K.ness and their Zombie henchmen rule forever?

The UNDERWATER ATTACK SQUIRM will be offered for sale at $50 from the Super7 Store and Distribution Network, Saturday March 1st, 11am Pacific.

Super Deformed Super Robots from Metal-Box!!!

img03 400x400

Out of all the toys showcased in Datadub's Wonder Festival Photo Report, I was most excited about these little Super Deformed Super Robots from Metal-Box. You can't imagine my disappointment when I learned they are really un-painted, un-assembled resin kits!! I gave up building kits looonnng ago and never was able to successfully assemble a resin kit. In any case, i'm debating as to whether it's time to try once again since they look pretty straight forward and i've since learned you need to PIN the pieces together!! lol.... How about this, Metal-Box makes painted and assembled versions for the lazy and talentless??!! Thanks Mikeee for the link to Metal-Box...!

metalboxgarada 400x341

metalbox mazinger 400x340

getter_resin 400x336

doublas_resin 400x327

jeeg_resin 400x327

Yamato Bubblegum Crisis Motoslave!!!


Yamato recently announced the Bubblegum Crisis Motoslave for Priss. Normally I would be on this like white on rice. Not only are hot chicks in hard suits difficult to resist, I have an obsession with toy motorcycles. Given this is the case, one would think I would hit the pre-order button faster than my sister when she used to try and steal the TV remote. Well.......the truth is, I haven't quite forgiven Yamato for the first set of BGC Hardsuits released.....gawd...2 years ago??!!



But maybe it's time to let it go and give Yamato another chance. I looked closely and compared the two Priss figures and they look like a different figure. Hopefully designed better and more securely. They will be out around April for around $75 each which is not terrible relative to the debacle that was nearly the same amount of money 2 years ago and did not include a transforming motorcycle. Having said this, the motorcycle itself doesn't do all the much for me. Too plain. I'm on the fence...

SFM345553A-10hr 400x599

SFM345553A-3hr 400x599

SFM345553A-13hr 400x599

SFM345553A-3hr 400x599

SFM345553A-8hr 400x599

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

toybot studios custom T9G Walder Rangeas!!!!

IMG_2196 400x599

A buddy asked me to paint his clear purple T9G Rangeas in the Walder colorway which is essentially purple, silver and black. It's one of my very favorite colorways too. Simple, elegant, beautiful. I was worried about it looking a bit flat so I added some details. I hope you like it.

IMG_0874 400x533

IMG_2200 400x599

IMG_0878 400x533

IMG_2213 400x599

IMG_0870 400x533

IMG_2205 400x599

IMG_0868 400x533

IMG_0869 400x533

At the same time, he wanted me to paint him a Popsoda finger puppet to match the Campus Edition. He got me an opaque pink finger puppet and was told that it was clear pink underneath. To my surprise when I stripped it, it was! I liked how he turned out.

IMG_2249 400x599

IMG_2248 400x599

IMG_2250 400x599

Lamour Supreme x RealxHead BLOOD Splatter!!!

2292778687_974b4acffd 400x600

The amazing talent that is known as L'amour Supreme gave his eager fans the opportunity to CHOOSE with our without Blood Splatter to match his print. I wasn't sure if I was down for it, but after seeing these pics, no doubt about it, blood splatter is the way to go. It's been said before, but I think these is the best blood splatter application i've ever witnessed on a toy. So delicate, detailed....amazing.

2292778679_676f424b49 400x266

2292778689_37cf09d405 400x600

Pushead x Secret Base Skullwing Chase Revealed!!

4a142e34 400x299

At Wonder Festival, what could be the single greatest Skullwing was finally revealed: Pushead x Secret Base x Astro Zombies clear purple Bullseye Skullwing. I'm in tears and can hardly wait for this guy to join the flock!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOu!!!!

picture hijacked from Hiddy's Blog
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