Thursday, February 07, 2008

CM's Corp Testa Rossa Review and Gallery!!!

IMG_2022 400x599

I can't tell you how excited I was when I first spied this CM's Corp Testa Rossa with the limited metallic blue finish. It's only my favorite figure from the Votoms Universe. So I've had this guy for a little while now and recently busted him out to take some pictures.

I'm sorry to report that my first encounter with this toy was not great. As I was fiddling around with it making it pose and what not, I yanked off his right arm (not very hard at all). I thought no big deal, i'll just stick him back in his socket and were good to go. What should have been a normal ball and socket type joint system you see on nearly all toys, I was appalled to see that this joint system was completely non-joint at all. I can't even begin to describe the lame-ness in engineering that went into this particular arm joint. The entire arm is held to the torso by some lame panel that doesn't even hold to the torso very well. Any movement made the arm fall off. It wasn't snap didn't even look like there was that much to hold it in place. So I finally resulted in glueing the panel with the arm back to the torso. Suffice to say, my confidence in the rest of the toy was limited. It's supposed to go into "Down" mode, but i'm not even gonna try to make that plastic origami move. If arms fall off at will, god knows what will happen if I try to transform this guy.

IMG_2007 400x599

IMG_2012 400x599

IMG_2010 400x599

IMG_2019 400x599

IMG_2018 400x599

IMG_2017 400x599

I dunno, but for $75, I want a toy that's engineered well and you can actually play with.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, quality control problems from CM's Corp. That's no good. Sorry to hear that about the Testa Rossa- it's such a nice toy, too.

Makes me a little leery of those Brave Gokin Ride Armors. :P

Time to go back to the ways of the old toys, I say. Plastic bricks!

toybot studios said...

CM's Corp is the one version of the Cyclone I didn't purchase. I'm just crossing my fingers that the Megahouse and Toynami versions are up to snuff!!

That said, the Testa Rossa is a nice figure and at the end of the day, it's gonna sit on my shelf pretty much the way it is now...

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that CM's Corps' QC sucked ass. I have a couple Votom toys by them and they were made OK. My first CM purchase was the Gao Gai Gar they did. now THAT was a piece of shit. I sold it with the quickness...and i almost pinched a loaf in the box before sending it out--that would've been a "bonus" by the way.

but I thought they were getting their shit together with the VOTOMS line. I'm sorry that it was lame.


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