Thursday, February 21, 2008

One-Up at Wonder Festival 2008!!

glitter500 400x400

himalan2 400x400

One Up looks to have a strong showing at Wonder Festival this year!!

I'm personally very excited about this Glacier Himalan from Itokin Park. White spray over clear blue for a very frosty toy. Gotta jump on it though! Only 45 pieces for a very hungry crowd! Itokin Park is my latest toy addiction! I love it!!

himalan2_no_wm_b 400x400

himalan3_no_wm_b 400x424

himalan1_no_wm_copy_b 400x400

skuttle_crazy-3 400x300

Ken is always trying something new. He's got this very interesting "Glitter Series" which is the OG Skuttle with all the different colored parts in a blind bag. Each one is different when assembled!!

skuttle_crazy-2 400x299

title 400x114

skuttle_crazy-1 400x419

However, if you're a playa, you might opt to get the entire set of ten Skuttles for 50,000 yen!! You are a playa aren't you? I love this set. It's like a Pantone color chart.

skuttle-1 400x195
skuttle-2 400x150
skuttle-3 400x200
skuttle-4 400x142

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