Thursday, February 28, 2008

Super Deformed Super Robots from Metal-Box!!!

img03 400x400

Out of all the toys showcased in Datadub's Wonder Festival Photo Report, I was most excited about these little Super Deformed Super Robots from Metal-Box. You can't imagine my disappointment when I learned they are really un-painted, un-assembled resin kits!! I gave up building kits looonnng ago and never was able to successfully assemble a resin kit. In any case, i'm debating as to whether it's time to try once again since they look pretty straight forward and i've since learned you need to PIN the pieces together!! lol.... How about this, Metal-Box makes painted and assembled versions for the lazy and talentless??!! Thanks Mikeee for the link to Metal-Box...!

metalboxgarada 400x341

metalbox mazinger 400x340

getter_resin 400x336

doublas_resin 400x327

jeeg_resin 400x327


toysrevil said...

by the manga-gawds do these look cute!

someone make die-cast fully-painted figures of these dudes and quick! LOL

Unknown said...

People still put together garage kits?
All hope of owning these goodies is now fading away... :(

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