Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Max Toy Co. x Cronic Exclusive Ankoron!!!

6 400x309

Check it out. Another sweet collaboration between Max Toy Co and Cronic! yields this crazy GID Ankoron. One of Cronic's latest sculps, this one gets a special treatment. From Max Toy Co.:

Ok now onto our latest offer and up till now the fewest figures we have from Cronic as a toy offer ! I can not say the exact number but lets say if you and a friend held up your fingers and counted...This Cronic mini figure is called Ankoron ( think Booska !) and is cast in a very special vinyl that looks grey but is Glow In the Dark !

According to Cronic this type of vinyl is unique and he worked with Obitsu( the factory ) in Japan to make it. We offer two versions. One with paint, and one with no paint. Each has different eye and jewel colors.

5 400x288

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