Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cometdebris Custom Kaiju Garage Sale!!!!

2282895801_1074af41e5_o 400x299

Subscribers to Comet Debris aka Koji Harmon's mailing list were treated with his Custom Kaiju Garage Sale last week. I believe 12 pieces were up for grabs to those on the mailing list. I'm sure responses were filling up Koji's email box very quickly as it seems like there were more buyers than pieces. Here's what you missed...

2278627829_0c1ba7f30b_o 400x533

2284001550_0f58160ee7_o 400x533

2284001548_dcb4fee12f_o 400x533

2284001546_1661388901_o 400x533

2284001540_f0f326ac45_o 400x533

2284001538_5abca90266_o 400x533

2284001530_59dac59e9d_o 400x533

2283202745_ecb7d1eb92_o 400x533

2283202731_f3db1cc565_o 400x533

2281692964_d5215a97b5_o 400x299

2281274679_639b586f77_o 400x533

2279189613_de1666dfe1_o 400x299

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