Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gargamel Zagoran Kamakura!!!!

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Those wacky guys at Gargamel made this little Zagoran "Kamakura" for their toys!! From Allen's Japan Festival Website:

Kamakura is held during the winter. Kamakura means Snow Hut and it is celebrated in Yokote. The children build small round huts of snow, where the children play and eat. They cover the floor with thick straw mat called tatami and put candles on a shelf that is craved into a wall. The girls take their shoe off and then put on slippers and wrap themselves with warm quilts. The fireplace is for cooking soup or boiling water for tea. They heat small rice cakes over a little charcoal stove. Parents or neighbors visit them. They offer the guests rice cakes and sips of tea or rice wine. Then the visitors leaves coins or fruits for return.

Killer Hibernates...

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Zagoran Tank Away!!

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