Tuesday, February 12, 2008

toybot studios Custom T9G Rangeas!!!!

IMG_2072 400x599

I'm a little late to the frenzy that is "Rangeas Herding". Produced by artist T9G, these guys are definitely cool in hand. They are smaller than I thought they were going to be which is part of their great appeal. Not unlike the way I first got hooked on Rumble Monsters Pharoans. I purchased a couple a while back on YJA. I got a clear pink and the clear purple. Both have this really cool gold glitter embeded in them. They are extremely detailed and have tons of texture which makes them great for painting. I had a blast painting these guys and would definitely like to do more. These pictures turned out better than expected as well. Not sure exactly why, but I think it's something about the painted pink vinyl and the light that makes it look like it's neon electric....!!

IMG_2066 400x599

IMG_2048 400x599

IMG_2052 400x599

IMG_2051 400x599

IMG_2068 400x599

IMG_2074 400x599

IMG_2050 400x599

IMG_2053 400x599

IMG_2054 400x599


Anonymous said...

holy crap, toybot! is a "T9G x toybotstudios" Rangeas next??? heheh...nice work, man!

Anonymous said...

damn fine job, KJ!

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