Thursday, February 14, 2008

BLObPUS x Skull Toys New Year's 2 Packs!!!

IMG_2107 400x599

I love collaborations. They are fun, different and usually very cool. So when two of my favorite toy designers decided to collaborate on three new mini figure sets for New Years, I was stoked beyond belief. Each set is beautifully paired and the colorways do not disappoint.

IMG_2102 400x599

IMG_2101 400x599

IMG_2109 400x599

IMG_2103 400x599

IMG_2108 400x599

IMG_2085 400x599

IMG_2086 400x599

IMG_2087 400x599

IMG_2090 400x599

IMG_2091 400x599

IMG_2089 400x599

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