Sunday, February 10, 2008

CollectionDX and Onell Design x Studio Kaiju Exclusive Sky Devilers!!!!!

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From CollectionDX:

CollectionDX teams up with Studio Kaiju and Marmit to produce our first
exclusive toy.

DRACUT, MASSACHUSETTS, February 8, 2008 – CollectionDX is taking its next step towards world domination with the release of the exclusive “Gore” version of Kaiju Big Battel’s Sky Deviler vinyl figure.

At 11 inches tall, Sky Deviler is made out of soft vinyl and has 5 points of articulation. The figure was created designed by Studio Kaiju with a color scheme designed by CollectionDX founder Joshua Bernard. Sky Deviler was produced in Japan by Marmit, one of the most respected names in Japanese toys.

The Sky Deviler “Gore” version is a exclusive and is limited to 50 pieces worldwide, with only 40 being released to the public. This release coincides with Onell Design's clearvinyl Sky Deviler that is also limited to 50 pieces.

For more information and to purchase this CollectionDX exclusive, Please visit CollectionDX

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About CollectionDX
Massachusetts-based is one of the web’s leading Japanese Toy and Figure web sites. Founded in 2001, CollectionDX features news, reviews and original content pertaining to the world of toys and otaku culture. CollectionDX owner and founder Joshua Bernard is also co-writer of the 2007 book “Tokyo Underground: Toy and Design Culture in Tokyo”.

About Studio Kaiju
Studio Kaiju, an independent Boston-based performance and media group, is the creator of Kaiju Big Battel, the world's only live monster mayhem spectacle. Producer of consistently sold-out events, Studio Kaiju is best known for its live tournament-style performances, which are a character driven, tongue-in-cheek hybrid of American pro-wrestling, Japanese monster-movies, and lowbrow pop-culture. These multi-media events, complete with video installations, monster-movie props, a towering "Danger Cage", and crushable miniature cityscape, can also be enjoyed from a safe distance thanks to "Kaiju Big Battel: A Practical Guide to Giant City-Crushing Monsters" from Hyperion Books and the Kaiju Big Battel DVD series.

To fund its live event series, monster creations and metropolitan destruction, Studio Kaiju produces and distributes its own line of merchandise including T-shirts, "real" monster meat, magnets and a whole catalogue of other cool but useless, limited-edition designer collectibles. The world of Kaiju Big Battel is also supported by the fun-fun website,, which hosts Big Battel news, monster profiles, live event videos, arcade-style games, comics, and the most commercial online mall ever.

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Onell Design is honored to offer the first Kaiju Big Battel X Glyos System Series Crossover! This Clear Vinyl Sky Deviler has metallic silver and black spray applications and a healthy dose of glitter molded right in the skin. As a crazy added bonus, each beast comes packed with 4 glow in the dark brand new Crayboth! Rumbling around Sky Deviler's insides are 2 red glow and 2 green glow fully articulated little figures. This is a limited run of 50 figures with 40 being made available for sale to the public. $65 USD including shipping within the US. Contact us at to grab your Sky Deviler while they last. Big Thanks to Rand Borden at Studio Kaiju and Marmit for making this possible! It's hard to sell these things we like them so much.

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