Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tale of Two Chaos!!

IMG_2138 400x599

IMG_2143 400x599

I recently had the opportunity to photograph two very different RealxHead custom Chaos figures. Both done by artists that I admire and have always inspired my own painting. One of them even freely admits to getting me addicted to Japanese vinyl toys!!

On the top is the beautiful work of H. Lee Porter aka Shapeshifta. His amazing blending and color changing paint technique have made me the owner of more than a few of his customs.

IMG_2132 400x599

In contrast, we have the elegant work of Keith Okabe aka Locomoco. It was Keith 2 1/2 years ago trying to explain to me the allure of Japanese vinyl toys. It was actually a Real x Head Mutant Evil he used as an example of a fine quality toy. My wife hates Keith. Locomoco dyed this Chaos red and then sprayed pearl paint in the inside it to give it this amazing candied apple effect.

IMG_2142 400x599

IMG_2138 400x599

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