Thursday, March 29, 2007

Paul Kaiju Rocking The Secret Base GID!!


Paul Kaiju does it again! He's constantly improving his techniques and outdoing each previous custom! I asked Paul to customize my GID Skull Pirate. To some, this is sacrilege because there are less than 50 GID Skull Pirates in existence. To me, however, I really feel Paul is unleashing the full potential of the otherwise plain Pirate! Take a look and you be the judge! The only guidance I gave Paul was that I wanted it bright. This Skull Pirate looks like he's on the way to an 80's surf party or maybe leaving a 90's Rave! He also pioneered a new paint technique which you can see on the eye patch, head and arms. Just amazing!





Now take a look at what he did for LivingDead Mark on his GID Secret Base SkullMerry! Again, amazing, brilliant work!! Doesn't the cow skull look real?




Paul Kaiju, you are a master! Thank you.

Touma's Mini Goons!!!!


I'm a big fan of Touma. For some reason, he doesn't get as much love from my fellow collectors and i'm not sure why. I collect Skuttles and love how he continues to re-define them every once in a while adding different design elements like new claws, shells and most recently a new head with horns and chest skull. It's cool. I'm also a fan of his Goons. I own a couple of the larger ones, but they get expensive to collect, but worse, take up too much shelf space. Size is a serious consideration in my collection. I prefer mini figures for lots of reasons and real estate and footprint considerations are at the top of the list. So when Touma and Wonderwall decided to release a set of Mini Goons, I was all over it!!! I finally received my set the other day and man, are these little guys cool! They are exactly like their larger siblings! Same colorways, details and designs! Except that they are each only around two inches tall!! I have the entire set right in front my keyboard! They come with some articulation which is neat-especially the head which can be tilted side to side for that dragon-like expression! A must for any Touma fan!!














Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Max Toy Co. x Gargamel Desura!!!


Once in a while, you get a notice on a toy release that really gets you amped. This one would be such a toy release. Several days ago, Mark Nagata from Max Toy Co sent a notice to his Fan Club Subcribers alerting us that he had not one, but two exclusive Gargamel Desuras to offer. The first was a clear purple with gold spray and the second was an un-painted clear purple Desura. I'm not kidding when I jumped in my chair at work and immediately sent back an email saying I would take both. The problem is that there were only 30 of the un-painted which I really, really, really wanted. Only 30 for like 80 members or something. I think I even sent another email and dropped a phone call to Mark with some lame bribe or begging or both!


It was the perfect storm: Desura is one of my favorite sculps, nothing is better than clear purple vinyl (except maybe clear blue) and there was a painted and un-painted version! I was in a panic! Long story short, I had to wait 2-3 anxious days before I got the invoice that I had won the member lottery and scored both! As you can see from the pics, these guys do not disappoint. The painted version turned out much better than the pics and the un-painted is just amazing too. Thanks Mark! I can hardly wait for your next toy. Cronic Maverasu sounds good! Clear Smogon sounds good!









Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Secret Base "B-Man Forever" Skullbrain!!!


After much anticipation, it was nice to have a Secret Base release that didn't cause a coronary when trying to get one's hand on one. It was almost a casual affair. They first went up on online at Toy Tokyo and after learning my lesson from other releases, I was conditioned to take the bird in hand. The next day, they went on sale at
Super7 so when I was over there last Saturday, Isaac was cool enough to bring out a bag of 'em to let me and Jeff choose which ones we wanted. As mentioned earlier, the little plushie guy inside is sewn up using vintage Batman sheets so each figure is really unique. It's worth getting a couple IMO. The one Jeff got had the Joker's face on the arm which was really interesting and I've heard tales of Isaac's having the Joker's face right on the chest which would be pretty sweet.


I think this might be a better way to go for Secret Base and other Japanese toy makers: make larger runs, easier to get, but somehow make them all a little different so it forces us to get at least two! Hiddy is brilliant!





Armored Core Kits!!


I'm a huge fan of Armored Core Mech designs and tried to collect all the action figures several years ago. Still some of my favorite toys to this day. From Software decided to launch a series of very realistic kits which as you can see are amazing if done properly. Of course, to get it to look like this, you need some serious patience and talent. Either one of these I possess very little and that's why I don't build kits anymore. So my request to From Software is to make these kits into action figures in the same scale as the first series in these updated designs! Thank You...




Super Robot Wars Original Generation Daizenga!!


These are photos of a finished kit of this amazing design from Super Robot Wars Original Generation. I have seen this same figure in a completed painted resin figure, but it was very $275!! Anyways, I love the old-school design, but still very different.



Zeonography #3012 MK-II


I think i've grown out of Gundam. These days, i'm much more interested in collecting Votoms. However, I think I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Zeonography. The better half to the acclaimed Gundam Fix Figuration action figure line, Zeonography always has the cooler mechs. This new MK-II is no exception. I've always liked the design, but was never into the original pearl white. When I saw this metallic purple and hot pink, I knew I had to get it. C'mon, look at these colors! Awesome!



Macross Zero SV-51 Preview


I've somehow managed to dodge the bullet on the Valkyrie Obsession. I own one Yamato transforming Valkyrie and oddly enough, for whatever reason, I don't have a desire to collect anymore. That might change with this Macross Zero SV-51. It's so different and cool, that I might be tempted to get it. At $200, this bad boy ain't cheap but look at the lines! Beautiful...Coming sometime in September.


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