Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Secret Base "B-Man Forever" Skullbrain!!!


After much anticipation, it was nice to have a Secret Base release that didn't cause a coronary when trying to get one's hand on one. It was almost a casual affair. They first went up on online at Toy Tokyo and after learning my lesson from other releases, I was conditioned to take the bird in hand. The next day, they went on sale at
Super7 so when I was over there last Saturday, Isaac was cool enough to bring out a bag of 'em to let me and Jeff choose which ones we wanted. As mentioned earlier, the little plushie guy inside is sewn up using vintage Batman sheets so each figure is really unique. It's worth getting a couple IMO. The one Jeff got had the Joker's face on the arm which was really interesting and I've heard tales of Isaac's having the Joker's face right on the chest which would be pretty sweet.


I think this might be a better way to go for Secret Base and other Japanese toy makers: make larger runs, easier to get, but somehow make them all a little different so it forces us to get at least two! Hiddy is brilliant!





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