Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Superfestival 42 Preview!!! 80's Pink Plaid Skullwing!!!


Oh my, oh my!! This year's Superfestival 42 in Japan at the end of April does not look like it will disappoint! This year's must have figure is Secret Base x Pushead x Astro Zombies 80's plaid pink Punk Rock Skullwing!!! Ack!! How cool is this thing?? Brings me back to my high school dayz of 80's flourescent pink!! Secret Base is going all the way with this plushie insert. Recently making plushie inserts out of vintage Batman bed sheets for their Batman Forever Skullbrain and now pink plaid for this exclusive Superfestival Skullwing. We can only hope there will be a chase and plenty of these guys!!




Anonymous said...

I don't know if you got this yet, but I found a store that might: https://www.toytokyo.com/shopping/index.php/page/product/product_id/7985

Let me know how it turns out!



Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm not sure that the link will work, so just go to the main site and type in "secret base" in the search box. It should come up.
good luck!

Jennifer George said...

Oh Toybot. I want one of these so bad. Will you find me one? I'll give you a dollar! :)

Limited Ed. said...

I was just wondering if you knew where to find the Astrozombies 80's Pink Plaid Skullwing on the internet or in the United States. It is darn near impossible to actually locate one.

toybot studios said...


It's raining punk wings right now!! There are several on eBay and you can even find them below retail in some cases on Yahoo Japan Auctions (which would require a Celga account).

toybot studios said...

sorry, should have helped a bit more. on eBay, search for "Secret Base" and / or "Pushead" and or "Skull Wings" and or "Punk Wings"

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