Wednesday, March 07, 2007

768 Squad G-Robot Production Units Preview


768 Squad and Adfunture finally get around to making production units of their wildly popular G-Robot Monster Hand Grenade featured on toybot studios last September.

Designed by Jukai, there will be three different colorways coming out in April:

1. Original Army Green (400)
2. Desert Camo (300 units)
3. Camo Red (Adfunture exclusive 300 units)


All wil be retailing for around $60. With 1,000 units total released in April, you shouldn't have any problem getting one or the entire set even. I might have to pick up the Desert Camo and the red version myself. The first version featured in the link above and hand painted was going for crazy money like $600 bones on eBay.

I didn't really realize these things were so huge. At almost 10 inches tall with that hand grenade belly, these guys are going to hog some serious shelf space...


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