Monday, March 19, 2007

Paul Kaiju Wins Lottery!!!


I love toy karma. When it's in full effect, it's a thing of beauty. Here's the background story: Around this time last year, I saw an amazing toy on Flickr. I sent a Flickr note to the toy's owner Paul Kaiju asking him what this beautiful and unusual toy was. He responded quickly and told me it was made by a small Japanese toy maker called EXOHEAD. Months later, I met Paul in person at a solo custom toy show he was doing at Super7. It was that night that I purchased my first Japanese Vinyl toy and it was the EXOHEAD figure that I first saw on Paul's Flickr (shown in the custom toy show link).


A very long story short, toy karma kicked in for Paul cause recently he won not one, but two very rare pieces from EXOHEAD shown here. Only five (5) each were made and somehow with INCREDIBLE luck, Paul had TWO winning tickets in the boxes of EXOHEAD's latest releases. That is amazing, but couldn't have happened to a cooler person who helped start me collecting not only EXOHEAD which remains one of my favorites, but also Japanese Vinyl!



Congratulations Paul!! Well deserved!! I would tell you to go buy a real lottery ticket, but I think your winning karma is all but used up for now!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice to see someone on the boards score like that- and moreover, someone who seems to really like his EXOHEAD stuff.

Hey, those aren't crab legs on the orange armor...

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