Friday, March 16, 2007

Biskup Blue and Clear Tankizaado Review!!!


What a difference color makes! When I first saw Biskup's new totem-pole like sculp with this nutty winged guy on the bottom with a Sesame Street looking dude on top, my fist impression was "wtf?" The yellow and green colorway really didn't help either. I was totally put off and had no desire whatsoever to purchase it even to this day.


Fast forward a couple of months and I see pics of these Blue and Clear versions and I practically fall off my chair! I'm in scramble mode trying to figure out how to pre-order these bastards ASAP!! Part of the successful "Kaiju for Grown-Ups" series produced by Wonderwall, when they first show up on Tokyocube, both versions are already sold out!! Ack!! In a panic, I desparately search all the other usual toy website suspects, but no luck! Then one of the guys on Skullbrain posts that the clear version (my favorite) is available for pre-order from Little Dog Vinyl. Relieved that I have hopefully secured at least one of them, I check back with Toykocube serveral times a day and finally a few days later, the blue version pops up for pre-order again!


When they finally arrived, one thing that struck me immediately was their size. They are a lot smaller than I had imagined. For some reason, when you see the sculp in pictures, you imagine the figure to be like 9 inches tall or something. These guys are really the perfect size at a very petite 6 inches. As you prolly already know, you can turn the top figure around to see different expressions and colors. simply beautiful.






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