Saturday, March 17, 2007

Secret Base B-Man Skullbrain Forever!!!


Secret Base drops one of the coolest Skullbrain releases in long while with this "Batman Forever" Skullbrain. It looks to be painted clear Skullbrain with a plushie made of Batman fabric of some kind. Either way, this release is too much to handle and I had to post immediately. It's already hit YJA and as you can see due to the comic plushie, each figure is completely unique and can have it's very own look! I LOVE IT!!! It's at this very impatient moment where I usually get in trouble. I have no idea how limited this release is yet. I'll prolly find out tomorrow at Super7, but if I see one Buy It Now, I may be tempted to pull the trigger at a higher price and then there are a ton of 'em on sale at Super7 for example. Flip side is that I wait and don't pull the trigger and find out there are like only 10 in the world or something. UGH!

Two other specimens from Yahoo Japan Auctions. Notice how different each of them look with the different comic swatches. By the way, don't buy these as the seller is historically very overpriced. 18,000 yen ($180 USD) BIN means non-idiots can prolly get this figure for under $100. (hopefully)



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