Monday, April 30, 2007

Le Merde at Super 7 May 12th!!!


Super cool dude, artist and master of the resin Le Merde will be having "Le Merde's ZEU Explode" show at Super 7 on May 12th. He will be selling an extremely limited set of figures so get there early, have some rice crackers and wait in line.


Only Ten (10) Kandar Radius "Purple Death" figures available!


Only Seven (7) Kandar Radius "Blue Silver" figures available!


The Malignus Youth are Terry, Canyon and Fort (3 heads, 3 names).
There will be 6 Slimer Green, 5 Smokey Grey, 5 Orange Delight, 3 Pinky and 2 Special Clear Purple with mini skulls in head.


Only Five (5) Kandar Radius "Orange Delight" (on right) available:


Only Ten (10) Burgerbuns "Surfin' w/ Stripes" available:


Ack! That's not a lot of figures for a SF crowd hungry for the yumminess of Le Merde!!!! They look awesome and I can hardly wait!! If you missed the last set of Le Merde figures, click HERE for some shots of what you missed!!

UNKL Brand UniPo Series 4 Drops!!!


These are the first UniPos that I actually like. I bought a bunch of them last night from their webstore which is cool cause you can buy only the ones you want. Fuck that blindbox shit. I hate that.

Demon is my favorite.


Skelleton rocks


Orange Gatorade space dude


Had to get this guy just cause of the rad blue


Then I had to get this other space dude to make it a perfect trio!


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Separated at Birth???


I've been in love with Thomas Han's Pushers since I first laid eyes on the un-painted prototypes at last year's SDCC. I am very hopeful that some day soon, I will have both of these beautiful little angels from the City of Angels (East Side: MPK) on my desk. Produced by Munky King, it looks most likely that these guys will be released at this year's San Diego Comic Con.


I also noticed another toy hit the market this week from Vinyl Collectibles. These guys held this interesting contest where artists would submit their ideas for new toys and the winner would have theirs go into production.


This year's winner is "Combo" by French artists Higone & Codel. Don't know about you, but there appears to be some striking similarities from the wings and the masks in both sets of toys. I'm not here to judge one way or the other...just to observe and report the similarities. I think both toys are beautiful and have even ordered the Higone & Codel version as well. There could be some kind of masked angel in literature or pop culture that i'm not familiar with that both of these guys are based on. I thought I remembered seeing a similiar Sanrio Character, but I checked and there wasn't one.



My personal favorite will have to be Thomas' Pushers. From the detailed paint application to the colorways, this set is looking to kill it when released! I can hardly wait!! For more information and a very interesting article with Thomas Han, check out Vinyl Pulse

New Customs by LASH!!


Man, this is the season for customs! I think an artist or collector's desire to take a toy and make it entirely different and unique is catching on in Japanese vinyl. In my opinion, inevitable as I believe you will see many more artists customizing Japanese vinyl toys with more and more outlandish paint schemes, accessories, dioramas and the whole thing.

One of these artists, LASH continues to raise the bar with his artwork and customs. He recently painted a RealxHead Bigaro for the man behind RealxHead, Mori!!! You can see Mori's thumbs up in approval for LASH's work. Below are better pictures of one of my favorite RealxHead sculpts, the Bigaro:



Another favorite sculp is this Gargamel Smogon. Look closely, this monster is really a dump truck on a stack of tires! LASH made it look like the trash from the back of the dump truck is spewing out of it's front grill!





Another amazing Gargamel Sculp, called Gargadeath in a collaboration with band Napalm Death. I love this guy.




RealxHead Mutant Evil by LASH. This guy is called "Hand of Death" but from the looks of the color scheme, "Handful of Tutti Frutti". I love the eye-popping colors!



Lastly, check out this pair of large Biskup Pollards another collection commissioned LASH to do. Simply amazing.





Great job as usual LASH. Every sculp presented here are some of my favorites. My only regret is that I don't have one of your customs in this line up!!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Kaijin BLObPUS Inspiration???


Recently at the Patchimon Summit in Japan, BLObPUS released a new mini figure called "Kaijin" BLObPUS which means humanoid. I thought it was pretty cool and didn't think much of it's origin until one of the guys in this Skullbrain thread said they made a toy out of him!


It turns out this guy is Lance Head, good buddy of the BLObPUS master collector and artist, Paul Kaiju and the guy who made this seriously insane BLObPUS costume which was posted on Skullbrain several months ago.


We knew there was at least some kind of influence on BLObPUS cause in one of the flyers, it actually shows a picture of Lance on the bottom left!!!


Curious about the connection, I emailed Lance for the details on this really cool double reverse homage! Lance's wife Becky is a serious doll collector and was invited to the Volk's (maker of Super Dollie) Halloween party last year. Lance wasn't all that excited about the doll party, but wanted to surprise his buddy Paul Kaiju who is also serious about dolls, by coming to costume party wearing a BLObPUS costume. Paul turned Lance (and yours truly) onto BLObPUS so it would be the best and least expected surprise!


Lance reflects, I got to work on it right away lots of foam and hot glue and paint. I initially wanted to do an entire suit of the Blobpus but time was really tight. I remembered Paul talking about the hand puppet in the past so I managed to get him to send me some pictures of it without giving away the secret. It was perfect. It was the Halloween theme. It was a body suit. And I knew I could do it in the amount of time I had left. I made and handed out business cards with the url to to Mr. Shigeta the President of Volks and his staff. You know, some reference to have for them. They were all very curious about my costume and I'm not sure but I think one of the young men seemed recognize the Blobpus.


It was a great day, though I spent a lot of time sitting at the table because the headgear was actually very cumbersome due to some very thick latex paint I used to build up the surface of the foam. But it was worth it to see Paul's expression when I surprised him in the hotel while wearing it. Now that was a cool moment.

Lance doesn't really know if his costume influenced BLObPUS, but by the looks of the flyer and the fact that Lance's picture from the Halloween Party was on BLObPUS' blog back in October, I think it's safe to assume that he did!

Just like any other kid I've loved Japanese monsters and heroes since I could turn on a television but only recently have I started buying the vinyl toys. The possibility that I may have influenced the Kaijin Blobpus... I just can't believe it. It's got to be a coincidence. Haha... I'm all a flutter.


That's awesome Lance! Now we all want toys to be made in our likeness!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kaiju Taro Exclusive El Pollo Fiebre Preview!!


Kaiju Taro has been teasing us with these "Lucha Libre" style banners for a little while now. We were all wondering what it was going to be and I don't think any of us thought it was going to be a Chicken Fever figure dressed up like a masked wrestler!!??

In a Pollo Loco collaboration between Sinbad Toys, Rong Zi and Kaiju-Taro, we have a serious match up of the un-masked Uno Dos Tres vs. the mysterious Ultimo in a deathmatch for all the chicken feed!

The mysterious Masked Ultimo!!!!




Here is the un-masked Uno Dos Tres...




Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New BLObPUS Walder Set!!!


Check out this preview of the upcoming BLObPUS set in my favorite Clear Purple Walder Colorway. It was another one of those moments where I dropped my coffee on my keyboard when I saw it. Speaking of which, the last time I did that, it was for the clear purple Gargamel Desura set from Max Toy Co. Hmmm, maybe I just really like clear purple vinyl. Yep, I think that's it. Anyways, you can bet i'm adding a couple of these guys to the shelves. We've got the BLObPUS and BLObPI set above, the Docross, painted Kaijin BLObPUS and un-painted Kaijin BLObPUS coming your way if your lucky and patient.

Dokucross Blobpus


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