Friday, April 13, 2007

New Secret Base Damaged Brain Black Mummy!!


This Secret Base Fan Club Exclusive just hit the secondary market yesterday and I gotta tell you, I think it's hot, hot, hot! Elegant all black with subtle yellow highlights. Great thing is that they are half-way affordable. A couple on Yahoo Japan Auctions right now for a Buy It Now price of 10,000 yen. I suspect most collectors stateside are waiting for them to show up at Super7 or Toy Tokyo and get them at retail price. Super7 is confirmed to get a few in, but oddly, when I emailed Toy Tokyo, they said they are not planning on getting these in?


Doesn't matter, jump on it. This guy is nice! Picture on the bottom courtesy of Mark LivingDead in Japan who looks like he just received a nice box of goodies!!

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