Thursday, April 05, 2007

Watch Out: Takara Micro Votoms!!!!


Man, it's been like 9 months since I first spied these little suckers in Hobby Japan magazine. Takara applied their Votoms license to their impossibly small "Micro Machines" toy line. At 1/144 scale, these Votoms are small and I mean teeny!! I will go almost as far to say TOO SMALL. Each mech comes in pieces along with a vehicle. I had to use a tweezers to get the limbs out of the tray to assemble. I'm not exaggerating when I say the head of each of these robots is no larger than a very small pebble. I've wiped smaller pieces of debris out of my eye. Even though these guys are so small, the level of detail as you can see is incredible. I now know why these things were delayed. The poor painters in China or wherever were cursing their bosses trying to figure out what kid would want to play with toys this small. I wouldn't even give these toys to kids for fear of them swallowing a few in one gulp!


I bought a case which comes with ten different sets. Each set comes with a Votom and a vehicle. You will get doubles of each vehicle, but they will be in different colors so you won't have any identical sets. The flying vehicles have stands which is always a plus in my book and they all have the ability to transport the mech which looks really cool. Each set also comes with an even smaller pilot, driver or foot soldier which you can actually place inside each vehicle. Don't breathe too hard or you will blow these guys off the table.


What was really cool is that I paired these Votoms toys up with some train buildings that I got last year. They are N scale buildings, but seem to be the exact same scale which is friggin cool. The high rises are all Japanese skyscapers and you might see a Japanese suburban home as well. These are a must for any Votoms fan. Highly recommended for anyone else that likes really small toys or doesn't have a lot of desk space!!
























Unknown said...

wow these are some great photos! you've inspired me to get my own set of the little votoms. i can't wait until they come in.

toybot studios said...

glad you like them. they are cool, but dare I say too small? I could swallow these guys! I purchased Series 2 as well, but haven't had the time to put them all together. I might be getting old cause I need a tweezers to assemble them. I wish they would make them just a bit bigger and maybe out of a harder plastic...

soldatoj57 said...

I know this is a bit old, but can anyone point me to a case or two of these things? I can't find any through the normal channels...any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate any help...thanks!

toybot studios said...

yeah, sorry. sold out ages ago. I got mine at

Alex da Pom said...

where did you get the skyscrapers from? What's the brand - they are brilliant!

toybot studios said...

Alex, search at eBay under "Kato N scale" for these buildings

Alex da Pom said...

Yoa legend - thanks for the quick reply

Alex da Pom said...

Okay if ANYONE is reading this and is tired of their little Votoms - I would love to buy them. OR if you know of any where that has some... let me know!!!

toybot studios said...

hey Alex. I have a few of the mechs lying around that I could sell or trade to you. No vehicles. Just the Votoms.

Alex da Pom said... - let me know which of the little critters you'd be happy to part with. I'm in the market to spend spend spend! (well... within reason... and if my wife doesn't find out)

soldatoj57 said...

I would love some too, as all of my ebay deals fell through after my post here...and I am wanting some of these badly!

soldatoj57 said...

Any of these left?

reprogramado said...

these are great models! your photos are excelent, too! I was trying to figure out what the exact size would be, and when I saw the photo with the small mech within your fingers, I realize they are really small. Jeez, they re really small! I loved them!

Jonas Lopez said...

did these come pre-painted? Somebody at a toy convention was offering to sell me a whole set for halfprice last night.

toybot studios said...

@Jonas, yes these all come pre-painted. half price for a set? how much was that? they are cool and all, but as I mentioned before, pretty much too small to really play around with.

Jonas Lopez said...

ok, HLJ's got me confused again about being supposedly unassembled and unpainted. The guy who offered me a set is the same one hawking it on ebay for 52USD equivalent, said the same thing. He was offering it for roughly USD22 at the toy sale.

My painting skills are off, and I've never tackled anything smaller than 1/144 Gunpla weapons. I think they got tricked by those pics on the packaging. Shit, I wish I asked the guy to let me open a sample box.

César Cantú said...

I'm in love!

Soldatoj57 said...

Toybot--I reach out to you in desperation . Still after more of these--please please email me
I will pay top dollar!
Thank you

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