Monday, April 30, 2007

Le Merde at Super 7 May 12th!!!


Super cool dude, artist and master of the resin Le Merde will be having "Le Merde's ZEU Explode" show at Super 7 on May 12th. He will be selling an extremely limited set of figures so get there early, have some rice crackers and wait in line.


Only Ten (10) Kandar Radius "Purple Death" figures available!


Only Seven (7) Kandar Radius "Blue Silver" figures available!


The Malignus Youth are Terry, Canyon and Fort (3 heads, 3 names).
There will be 6 Slimer Green, 5 Smokey Grey, 5 Orange Delight, 3 Pinky and 2 Special Clear Purple with mini skulls in head.


Only Five (5) Kandar Radius "Orange Delight" (on right) available:


Only Ten (10) Burgerbuns "Surfin' w/ Stripes" available:


Ack! That's not a lot of figures for a SF crowd hungry for the yumminess of Le Merde!!!! They look awesome and I can hardly wait!! If you missed the last set of Le Merde figures, click HERE for some shots of what you missed!!

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Anonymous said...

I like the blue and silver guy. THey're made of resin? I was hopin' vinyl. oh well.

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