Monday, April 16, 2007

Sneak Peek of NVC Crew's Custom for "I AM 8 Bit" Show at Gallery 1988


Wow! Dr. Bao and Spive of the NVC Crew continue to out do themselves on each custom project. This time around, it's for LA's Gallery 1988 retro-cool I AM 8 Bit show opening this Tuesday, April 17th. To really understand what Dr. Bao and Spive did for their piece, watch this interesting video:

So you get the idea, right? For the I AM 8 Bit show and to celebrate Megaman's 20th anniversary, Dr. Bao and Spive decided to make a diorama which replicates a fictious stage in the Megaman video game. The enemy in this case is a new character NVC made up called "Vinyl Man" which uses 45 LP records as his weapons. The most interesting part is the addition of a circuit bender built into the Nintendo controller. When you push the buttons, you can manipulate the video game sounds ala DJ-style. The idea came from Johnny Ill Digger from the Boom Bap Cats. Fresh indeed. Great job Dr. Bao and Spive! Love the idea!!!







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