Monday, April 16, 2007

Tristan x Filth Thundermutt 3.0!!


As you know, i'm not really into that much Western Vinyl. However, one of the sculps that I do like and own is the Thundermutt . I own a few and dig that they come with a secret surprise stashed in the head. One of the newest Thundermutts I want to get my hands on is this sick black and red guy from Filth. If you join the Thundermutt club, you will have the right to get this guy. Dunno, if I was gonna lay out $300 bones to join a toy club, i'd kinda like to get a toy or two with that. Maybe a discount? Thundermutt fans much be loaded...I'm not loaded but i'm still a fan. Can I get one? Maybe not after this post...

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