Friday, April 13, 2007

Wonderwall Kaiju For Grown Ups National Arts Museum Edition


Here are some way better pictures of this very limited edition, exclusive colorway of the "Kaiju for Grown Ups" Series from Wonderwall. Only 50 in each sculp. There will be a few sold on Tokyocube on April 20th, but these are not the toys you are looking for! . Can you tell which ones i'm gonna try to get? I was having flashbacks of the awful Kaws debacle when the Black Dissected was released and every flipper in the world brought their servers to a screeching halt and I got hosed. So I emailed TokyoCube with my concerns and Tom replied back promptly saying that they expect a large number of visitors but they are "quietly" confident that their servers can handle the load. I hope so! By the way, the Banana Slug and the bling bling Usagi Gon have the most potential for re-sale value I hear!






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