Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pics from the Last Week of Super 7 Summer Sale!!


Although Super 7's Summer Sale is over and all the exclusive glow orange and black Gargamel figures are all but gone, Super 7 has much more for us coming up very, very soon including the grand opening of their new store on September 8th from 7-10pm! Better watch out cause Vader's Fist 501st Division will be there in full effect providing security for all the vintage Star Wars figures!!!

Check out the pics from last Saturday:

Hey, that funny looking mushroom on the trike looks familiar from my college daze back at Berkeley!! So yummmmmmy!!!

Brian with the stash of the elusive 5th Bonus Dokuroman Figure! Only those that had purchased all four of the figures in the set got this one free!!!

Locomoto, Joe Bunny and Bianca looking very giddy after getting the 4th figure: Gargamel Hedoran!!

Locomoco (no relation to Locomoto) hits the Jackpot and finishes the entire set!!

Locomoco is also the proud owner of the entire gang! Look closely and you can see Biskup's Glowie Gamagon in the back. Notice anything? Yes! Locomoco did a custom paint job to make it match the Gargamel set!!! How cool is that??!!


Normal GID Gamagon pictured here for comparison:

Monday, August 28, 2006

More New Votoms Figures Coming!!!


I'm not sure what is going on with Votoms this year, but the licensing floodgates have seemed to open wider! I'm not complaining as I would love to see more Votoms figures released.

First up, we have this insane 1/18 Strikedog DX with Ypsilon Pilot action figure. Made by Takara, this monster will set you back around $143 without shipping and is due out in October just in time for your X-mas wishlist. I can only hope it looks this good with all the detailing and weathering as shown. Not to get off on a rant, but I was put off with the 1/12 Yamato versions because they look so....blah. No detailing or weathering to speak of. Maybe Takara has taken the hint, made one a bit smaller and put all the lovely weathering that us lazy bastards who can't paint, really like! As you can see, it's fully transformable into "Down" mode. I'm a bit curious as to the scale...I thought the Microman size pilots fit into the 1/12 version. Would that mean this pilot shown is smaller than a standard Microman? I'm sure one of you guys knows the answer. Please send in your comments.


Next up, we have two new 1/35 figures from the lovely Max Factory who definitely know how to make a good action figure. I already own CM's Corp Max Zerberus and am looking forward to adding the Bloodsucker when it arrives (pics below). To continue the line-up, because I've got so much shelf space to fill (not), we have the really amazing and wonderfully blue Strikedog. The color is half the reason to buy this guy. Won't be here until December and will set you back $42 before shipping. Then we have the 1/35 Crimson Brutish Dog. The color definitely sets it apart and I like the gattling gun arm as well! Will be out in October for around $42 before shipping.





Other recent Votoms releases worth mentioning here would include CM's Corporation Blue Knight Berserga Super Execution Limited Color which has this cool metallic pearl blue paint job plus CM's Corp. Shadow Flare Limited Edition with the same metallic pearl black paint job.



I wish I could own the entire set from both manufacturers!!! Not enough money nor shelf space! Where can you buy all these guys??? You can just click here to take you straight to the Votoms Index on Hobby Link Japan

Friday, August 25, 2006

Super 7 Super Secret Set Surfaces!!!

So the super secret set that I was referring to in my last post has been revealed!! I gotta hand it to Brian and Isaac over at Super 7. These are empathetic guys. There are many of us (including me) that for a number of reasons could not put the set of four S7 Exclusive Gargamel figures together to win the 5th Dokuro Man. Am I disapointed? Yes. But leave it to Super 7 to give the rest of us a very, very nice consolation prize: The Super 7 Dokuro Man Set below. I have to say that I prefer this set to the 5th Dokuro Man. It's all about the clear vinyl for me. Thanks guys!!



After all that work to track down those pesky glow figures in the last five weeks, don’t you feel like just a little more vinyl in your life? Us too! So, we decided to kick it up just a bit more, and really go skull crazy.

On Saturday, August 26th, Super7 will release an unannounced set of two mini figures: a translucent orange Dokuro Man, and a black Dokuro Man. These figures are great by themselves as a pair, and they also go great with that glow Dokuro Man you (hopefully) just acquired. The set of Dokuro Men will be released on Saturday at 11:00 am PST when the Super7 store opens. Those in attendance will be the first to buy, after that, the figures will be available for phone and web orders. Only 50 sets will be made, and there are no holds or pre-orders. $50 per set.
415 409 4700

Super 7 Gargamel Exclusive Toys: Final Week!!!

I'm sorry to report that this Saturday is the final week of Super 7's Summer Sale. In case you're just catching up, each week for the past four weeks, Super 7 and Gargamel have released a secret, super exclusive Gargamel figure. If you were saavy enough to collect all four figures, you are treated to a fifth mystery figure FREE! We all like free stuff. The only catch is these little buggers are hard to get. There are only 50 sets created and each week they have sold out in 10 minutes! I myself missed the first week so I won't be getting the fifth figure, but that's life. Before we show you the fourth Gargamel figure and the Mystery fifth figure, let's recap the first three:



Now for this week's release: Gargamel's Hedoran!!! One of my favorites and in the S7 signature black and orange! So if you are lucky enough to have all four, you can send in your header cards and receive the mystery fifth figure FREE!!! What is the fifth figure?? Drum roll, please....Super 7 Exclusive Dokuro Man!!! Very cool!! I actually just received my first one of these little guys in clear purple. There is also going to be an extra special super double secret set released tomorrow as well. Shhhhhhhhh, I can't tell you what it is. If I do, I'll be thrown to the Skullbrain hyenas for breakfast!! Suffice to say that the fans are gonna love it! Better get down to Super 7 early. This is going to be a big Saturday!!



What about pictures from last week's festivities? Here they are:

Besides the Bako, the bonus releases came from Real x Head including the very cool Devilman, clear Bigaro with gumballs and of course Isaac's exclusive Camguts!


Keith is always first in line!

Harmon and Son with the goods!

Hiro raking in all the dough!

Shibby and Brian sad because they missed out on the exclusive figures.

Everyone is happy with their stash!

Isaac with his Camguts!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gamagon at Double Punch Last Saturday!!!

Last Saturday was heady stuff. Began at Super 7 for Week 3 of 4 of the S7 Summer Sale featuring Gargamel Bakobaso and some Real x Head. Pictures in a later post. Straight afterwards, we drove to Little Italy to check out Double Punch where Tim Biskup's orange Glow in the Dark old skool, new skool Gamagon was being released. He was signing at 3pm, but I couldn't wait around that long.

When we rolled up, there was a long line in front of Double Punch and I thought to myself, "fuck me, do I really want to wait in that line?" Luckily for us, it was for a shoe store next door called Nort. Apparently there was a sick sale on dunks. I mean seriously 50% to 75% off. That's why all these cheap bastards are waiting in line.


I met Omar, one of the owners who is a great guy and someone that I actually already knew (but didn't know it) from Flickr! Small world. Great store as you can see. I have purchased a number of items from their online site Ningyoushi but have never actually been to the store. Double Punch had a promotion going on that if you spent more than $100, you can get the very exclusive GamaJoe designed by Tim Biskup for FREE. At a value of $28 if you were to buy this exclusive figure by itself, I have to give it up for Double Punch for including this really cool promotion!














Dr. Bao and NVC Crew Go Micro Mini!!!


As you guys know i'm a big fan of Dr. Bao and Spive who make up the NVC Crew. Really interesting Canadian guys that are now getting some serious recognition for their custom toys. I'm not sure if it's the asian thing or what, but they always seem to know what kind of custom figures would be really cool. This time around we have a very, very interesting set here that evokes the elephant scene from Lord of the Rings, Return of the King. The big difference is that the elephant Dr. Bao used is a Frank Kozik mink smokin Labbit. I have a set of these guys and they aren't much bigger than my thumb! In the pictures, the Labbit looks freakin huge! NVC is also using a munny zipper pull described below and the pet on the chain is another Kozik smokin slug! Upon my return from a recent trip, I was pleasantly surprised with an email from the good doctor himself (hopefully he doesn't mind me posting):





Hi!! How are you??!!! I just discovered your website!! It's quite cool! I just found out that you're supporting what we're doing so just want to pass by and just introduce myself to you and thank you for your support! So hey I use Dr.Bao as my artist name because I'm really a dentist in real life so it's really true!! We're from Montreal, Canada and hey we just want to have fun with all these customs toys that we're doing.....and of course we just try to push ourself further everytime...

I'll take the occasion to introduce to you our latest custom project....The Bronze Migration.....inspired by Bronze Nazareth's album The Great Migration....
It was pretty freak since we use only miniatures toys to do this customs....A Zipperpull Munny that we received form the Kid Robot for our winning prizes from their Festival Film contest that we won the Best Design category. We took also the mini Smorkin' Labbitt and Mongers Bob from Frank Kozik to add to the project...

I don't know if you ever saw a Zipperpull Munny....but it is big as an American it's freaky small!!!

So hey, nice to meet you and thanks for your support.
Have a nice week-end and talk to you soon!

Bao....NVC crew

Wow! Thanks Dr. Bao for the email, thanks for all the great customs. Again, I will pose the question: How about getting a line of toy produced that the rest of NVC Crew fans can purchase and put on our shelves to admire?




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