Monday, August 07, 2006

Revoltech Keeps Dropping!! Patlabor and Evangelion Blue Up Next!!

Man, Kaiyodo knows a good thing when they have it!!! The lightning quick super-duper posable line continues to knock down more licenses as we have word that a Ingram (Patlabor) mech will be released as well as the inevitable Blue Evangelion. I especially like the Ingram and I will have to get the Blue EVA to round out the team! Due out sometime later this fall, you can pre-order from BigBadToyStore and / or Hobby Link Japan

As I have mentioned before, I like these figures a lot. They are inexpensive, come with tons of accessories, but more importantly, they can be posed in all sorts of cool actions moves. The addition of a stand which the figure can be mounted on to perform seemlingly aerial maneuvers is the sweet icing on the cake! More Revoltech in more cool licenses! If you could create any Revoltech figure, what would it be? First on my wish list would have to be the amazing Five Star Stories Mecha. How cool would it be to have a LED Mirage or Gold Knight Revoltech??!! Am I dreaming? Yes! They might be too detailed to make into Revoltech figures and I suspect there are some licensing issues as well. Second choice? Would it be too crazy to have Votoms Revoltech figures? Maybe. I think to get the most out of the, it's best with humanoid figures that don't have short, stumpy legs. Ok, then how about an exclusive Black Getter Ryoma Revoltech?? Same color scheme as the EX version, same detail and accessories, but in Revoltech posability? Yes! That would awesome! Hey, they did a good job with Getter 1 and Getter 2 looks pretty good. Why not? Ok, Kaiyodo, you heard it here: Black Getter Ryoma!


Des said...

It looks like your wish has come true!! One Black Getter Robo coming right up -

toybot studios said...

wow! Thanks Des!!

I guess the toy gods DO listen!! Awesome!! I can hardly wait to pre-order this guy. Where did the pic come from? I'm looking everywhere for more pics!!

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