Monday, August 21, 2006

New Zeonography Preview: Galbaldy A&B Versions!!!

Zeonography Fans, hold onto your Zeons as we have a pretty cool set of figures coming up and a loooooonnnnnnnnnggggggg awaited Zeon finally, and I mean finally getting the Zeonography treatment!!! First up we have the very cool Galbaldy versions A&B or Pink and Green. Both come with the normal plethora of accessories and switcheroo armor to create a variant. Pictures from the oh, so cool Japanese Gunota Fan site: Gundam Ultimate Operation Type What do you guys think? Pink or Green? I'm more in favor of the green version myself, but maybe my daughter will like the pink!

And for the long awaited Zeonography.....drum roll please...


YES!! My all time favorite Gundam Mecha is finally, finally getting the Zeonography treatment. I guess all those letters and emails over the years does pay off! Thank you Bandai for listening!! This should be a good one. I know they will get the sculp right. I'm a bit worried about the colorway. I hope its' not too turquoise like the Master Grade Kit. I was not into that color. It definitely needs to be more on the blue / purple color side. I would be happy if it was a similar color to this illustration. It's a nice royal blue here. No matter what, this is GREAT news!! I've been waiting for this one ever since the series began!!

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