Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Custom R.I.P. Dunny by Drilone!!!


I just received my first custom Dunny called R.I.P. Dunny by local artist Drilone. He only made 30 of these dead guys and I was lucky enough to get the very last one which is the artist' proof and has a missing tooth! I couldn't have asked for a better or rarer version!

As the story goes, Drilone's killer black pug mauled one of his defenseless Series 2 Dunnys and tore it's ear off Mike Tyson style! After trying to put some cosmetic surgery on the poor Dunny, re-attachment wasn't happening so it was kinda dead and the idea for the R.I.P. Dunny was born!


This project began late last year and Drilone painstakingly surgically cut out the ears, eyes, nose and teeth! Using a special process, Drilone painted each skull to have this charred, holocaust, Day of the Dead kind of look. I have to say that this little guy is one of the coolest customs I have ever seen. Drilone also included two Kozik Labbit chase figures in the same dead pan style. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to get one of those. Everyone who owns one (all 30 of us) can't praise the figure enough. I even met one fellow this last saturday who has the RIP Dunny and the Labbit chase. He says these two dead figures won't be leaving his collection anytime soon!



So who is this guy Drilone? Well, his bio says:

Art is in Dril’s blood. The son of a painter, he cannot remember a time when drawing was not a part of life’s activity. He is a veteran of the New York City public school system and has spent most of his life amid the chaos and creativity of “the city.” His upbringing is reflected in his work as is his admiration for contemporary, pop, and graffiti artists.

After several years of formal art training and extra curricular experimentation, Dril found his passion in graphic and web design; following it to San Francisco. A casualty of the dot com bomb, Dril does freelance design work as well as retailing his own artwork. He now came back to the city that never sleeps… NYC. Still growing and pushing his art in new ways… And eventually moved back to SF.

Dril was kind enough to answer a few questions for the toybot studios readers:

Do you see yourself doing more traditional artwork in the future or dedicating more time to custom toys and maybe even a production toy in the future?

I have been in a huge creative block and customizing toys is giving me a outlet. I am addicted to creating. I am now working on traditional pieces , but they are different from what I have on

What factors do you think contribute to a collectible losing market value? ie: what led to the demise of Comic Books and Baseball cards?

I stopped collecting vinyl except for what I like. I don't have any complete sets. So when vinyl comes crashing down I will have things I like looking at. Customs will retain value. It's a piece of art on a 3d canvas.

What is your opinion of the Japanese vinyl toy scene? Secret Base, Gargamel, Bounty Hunter, etc.

I respect them , but I am not into that style.. I like urban/ street art/ graffiti/ pop styles.

Any new customs in the works?

YES.... I was asked can you make the RIP in a larger format.... So I started to think..... and think... got into my car raced to KRSF and picked up 2 Munny's. and volia GID RIP Munny's with cool accessories. check them out.
and GID RIP Munny Now I will perfect this, every time I make a new RIP munny it will get crazier... Check out for new customs spawning off my new infactuation with GID and Munny's

Thank you for this interview.....dril






Thanks for the interview! Incredible custom Dunny (thank you for mine) and the GID 8 inch Munny is too sick for words!


Anonymous said...

Woah these are incredible! I love them I want one!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great !

slenerva said...

hi i would like to buy the custom munny on your post or if you can custom one for me. email

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