Friday, August 31, 2007

Wonderwall Kaiju For Grown Ups Kozik Slime Usagi Gon!!!

securedownload-2 400x615

The latest in Wonderwall Kaiju for Grown Ups series, Kozik's Slime Usagi Gon. While at first glance, may look similar to the "Mountain Dew" version a few months, ago, that one was clear green with gold teeth and spray. This "Slime" version is opaque green in a slightly brighter hue with silver and yellow highlights. It's coming soon.

How to Paint Real x Head Like Kozik!!

bue06 400x276

Frank gives us a rare behind the scenes look at how he paints RealxHead figures. I'm digging the gold dip. I'm gonna try that with strawberries.

armyofgodrxh 400x299

green02 400x299

green03 400x299

purple04 400x372

gold03 400x340

gold01 400x299

blue02 400x567

blue05 400x533

Bounty Hunter x THINKSiLLY Cap'n Bounch!!!

capnbounch0380 400x450

To celebrate Bounty Hunter's 10th Anniversary of cool toys and punk fashion, they are collaborating with Hong Kong's THINKSiLLY to produce Cap'n Bounch which is a companion figure to the OG Japanese designer vinyl toy, Kid Hunter. This is kind of a big deal since it is thought that BxH original Kid Hunter really started the designer vinyl toy movement even before Michael Lau and Eric So. Japan gets the Black version above and the special red variant below is HK Exclusive.

BHST 400x266

Toynami Masterpiece Cyclone Scott Bernard!!!

TOY-01-10003 400x420

A few new pictures of the upcoming and much, much anticipated Toynami Masterpiece Cyclone Scott Bernard. Should be out in November. You can pre-order for about $80.00 from BigBadToyStore. The pics below are from Josh Bernard's CollectionDX SDCC 2007 coverage. I think this piece is coming along very nicely. I pray the transformation is smooth and secure. You know how I hate sloppy engineering.

017 400x533

016 400x300

015 400x533

019 400x533

TOY-01-10004 400x297

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Custom Gargamel x Biskup Dragamel!!


I had fun painting this Tim Biskup x Gargamel Dragamel mini figure. I love the sculp and would kill for a Biskup or Koji Harmon handpainted version. Inspired yet again, I set out to see what I could do with one. I like the results.








Onell Design Old School Action Figures!!

glipbothbuildbrightsend 400x256

I think I first saw Onell Design Action Figures on Josh Bernard's CollectionDX. Old school Sci-Fi little action figures with a ton of charm and background story. Garage Kit action figures if you will. Matt Doughty is the man behind Onell Design and not only does he make action figures, he has a line of comics and photo books showcasing his figures and these cool dioramas you see here. He will also take that doodle you have in your notebook and make it into an action figure. Your best chance of re-living your Micronauts or GI Joe fantasies with your own designs! I've got a couple of these little guys coming so be sure to check back for more photos. Thanks Matt!!

glipruncray3blog 400x277

racapsuitblog 400x276

clearsinccloseblog 400x299

buildgroupRAblog 400x279

jumprechblog 400x303

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Inner Demons Frankenghost this Saturday at Super 7!!


At last, Frankenghost joins the Inner Demons Family!! This figure is cast in clear green vinyl with orange and white paint apps, and a super cool silkscreened plush ghost inside!! Available Saturday September 1st, this figure is exclusive to Super7!!

Inner Demons Frankenghost is offered at $65 at 11am at the Super7 Store, first come, first served.

Super7 Store | 1630 Post Street | San Francisco, CA 94115 | Phone: 415.409.4700 | Fax: 415.409.4703 |

Charatics Mini Matango Gift Box!!


Just released recently at Wonderfestival in Japan, this clear painted Charatics Mini Matango gift box is one jewel of a toy. He's not much more than 2 inches tall and comes with a matching gift box! Highly recommended for your girlfriend or wife. You just might want to leave out that Matango was a poisonous, man-eating mushroom monster!






Super 7 Brian Flynn's Ghostland Blowfish Mini!!


Out of all of Brian Flynn's new Ghostland figures, Blowfish has to be my favorite. Just check out these pics to see whyHe's got that chunky, spikey body which I find myself picking up and just playing around. He kinda serves as my "stress" ball during the day. Those spikes actually massage your fingers and palms!! I might have to pick up the yellow and grey versions too! For $12, it's a helluva deal which includes a rad printed tin box that's good for storing all kinds of other stuff!






Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jamungo Skllbuds 1.1 & 1.2


I don't collect very much "western" toys, but these Jamungo Skllbuds (Skll, not Skull) caught my eye pre-SDCC. Yes, it probably was the translucent blue that drew me like a moth to flame...but I like the concept of the outer flame head with inner Skull. Now the other Jamungo Buds don't need their matches with these guys around!! Thanks to Dov, Clay and Jamungo for the hook-up!








Coming soon will be Skllbuds 1.3 and 1.4. I'm definitely getting the crazy red and chrome guys! Great toy which I think appeals to everyone regardless of toy collecting habits!!

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