Friday, August 24, 2007

Evil That Owns You, But Cannot Be Owned!!


hahahaha! ok, that was a little dramatic (and silly). What I really mean and trying to be clever in the process is that here are some very fine RealxHead Mutant Evil specimens that everyone wants, but more than likely won't get. Quantities of these earlier Evils are pretty low. Some of them less than 10 or 15...some less than 5? Not that i'm a super RxH collector or anything like that, but I've personally never even seen any of these guys in person. Of course, that would be quickly resolved if certain person(s) in San Francisco would open up their homes for a New Kaiju tour! So where did these pics come from? Well most RxH collectors will immediately recognize the shag-irific background (which i'm afraid to ask what else the background was used for...) I think of him as Mafioso "Capo" cause he's so "connected" in Japan as well as the states. In fact, in many cases, he was the initial connection between many toy makers in Japan and the rest of us here in the States. Anyways, I can't tell you who he is, but if you read this blog, more than likely, you already know.










Hey, while i'm here with these guys, if you were gonna get a 3 foot tall, fiberglass version of one of these guys, which colorway above would it be? Has to be solid, Fiblerglass does not come in clear.

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