Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bounty Hunter x Secret Base = New Sukerukun DX!!!


This sculp by the legendary Bounty Hunter x Secret Base was one of my earlier obsessions in collecting Japanese vinyl and one of my most expensive purchases. The three (blue, green GID and clear) that I do own are one of the cornerstones of my collection. The clear orange remains elusive (and very expensive) while sightings of a clear purple version are enough to make one go insane!!

So when I saw that a brand new version was going to be released in August, my heart was a flutter. It looks to be a smoke clear grey with black helmet as you can see, but have painted ribs and come complete with a T-shirt. All this BxH goodness does not come cheap at over $165 for the set. You can bet i'm getting it.

Also from the Secret Base Blog is this pic below of what looks to be a pic of a prototype Skull Captain designed by Pushead. I'm hoping for the 1st production colorway to be full color or painted clear.


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