Thursday, August 30, 2007

Onell Design Old School Action Figures!!

glipbothbuildbrightsend 400x256

I think I first saw Onell Design Action Figures on Josh Bernard's CollectionDX. Old school Sci-Fi little action figures with a ton of charm and background story. Garage Kit action figures if you will. Matt Doughty is the man behind Onell Design and not only does he make action figures, he has a line of comics and photo books showcasing his figures and these cool dioramas you see here. He will also take that doodle you have in your notebook and make it into an action figure. Your best chance of re-living your Micronauts or GI Joe fantasies with your own designs! I've got a couple of these little guys coming so be sure to check back for more photos. Thanks Matt!!

glipruncray3blog 400x277

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