Friday, August 10, 2007

Thrashout 3rd Anniversary!!!!

photo01d 375x499

Gargamel's retail store Thrashout is celebrating it's 3rd Anniversary this Saturday. Of course, with any Anniversary, there will be celebratory toys!!!!

I think one of the more interesting collaborations is this Rumble Monsters x Gargamel Hedoran-inspired Damnedron. Check out them eyes!! Anyone that doesn't pick this one up now is gonna regret it later....

photo04d 375x499

photo02d 375x499

How about this new collaboration with Charatics? First we have tanks and now we have fighter planes complete with a Mini Zag and helmet!!! The patriotic red, white and blue mini zag piloting the Flying Tiger which was interestingly a group of volunteer pilots protecting China from the invading Japanese.

photo01z 375x499

photo04z 375x499

2nd chance on the clear full-size Zagoran from SDCC?? Maybe. It's been called the Zag of Dreams so better hop on your 2nd chance while you can....

photo02 375x499

photo01 375x499

photo04 375x499

And the first two minis from the new clear retro Yamanaya set...

photo01g 375x499

photo02p 375x499

Speaking of which, what about Wonder Festival this weekend too? Gargamel is looking to deliver another vinyl Microman in this clear orange colorway. gimmee. too bad I don't have the first two in clear and yellow.

272e20b3 375x500


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