Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Paul Kaiju Custom Kikaideroid II....!!!!

IMG_2686 400x599

The legendary Paul Kaiju kills it once again with this custom RealxHead Bigaro. I swear Paul could do his Kikaider paint job on a empty roll of toilet paper and I would still want to buy it. Look at the details on this guy. The masking, the pipe cleaners in the fin, the wiring...PK rules.

I think it's a childhood thing. My first introduction to Japanese Superhero culture was a Kikaider pencil case in the 1st grade. I've been hooked since then.

IMG_2687 400x599

IMG_2695 400x599

IMG_2696 400x599

IMG_2697 400x599

IMG_2699 400x599

IMG_2690 400x599

IMG_2685 400x599

Here are a couple of pics from PK himself. I dig Gidget...

Kikaideroid II II 400x533

Kikaideroid II I 400x533

Superfestival 46 Mini Figure Set!!

fan5go5-img563x600-1209461446daizukan 400x426

Check out this crazy mini figure set from Superfestival 46. From what i'm gathering, there are 15 figures plus a bonus clear figure in each case. Not sure how tall they are, but the detailed paint application on each look amazing. I'm gonna guess they are 2-3 inches each.

fan5go5-img600x451-1209461453daizukan02 400x300

Here is the new mini figure from BLObPUS that is part of the set!!

680f6e892c5e657ba4b0521cb56fabb8 400x300

Get Your Boogie Down!!!

d14a3fbf 400x534

It looks Cure Toys has a hit on their hands with the Oni Boogie Man figure. Hard to get, hard to find, expensive on the aftermarket...all the trademarks of a successful toy. The latest two are here with the first one above being a very special, uber-limited version made special for Hiddy as his birthday present? Only sold in-store at Secret Base for like a nano-second. $300 on YJA...if you can find it. I'm digging the gold and clear....pics from Hiddy's blog.

57dfb367 400x534

Cure then released pictures of their next production figure which is this green version. I'm not feeling the colorway nearly as much, and I don't like the fact that he's naked. but still an interesting figure.

green boogie1 400x411

green boogie 400x474

Oh, one more thing...if you look at the Secret Base Dokuro King post below, you will notice that the Dokuro King Mask is the same one used for the Cure Oni Boogie Man. If you look closely, you can see that there is a skullbrain head underneath!

Boogie Nights by Heatwave

Boogie nights oh
Boogie nights, boogie nights

Boogie nights
Ain't no doubt we are here till morning
Boogie nights
Come on now got to get it started

Dance with the boogie get high
'Cos boogie nights are always the best in town
Got to keep on dancing
Keep on dancing
Got to keep on dancing
Keep on dancing

(Party night)
Can you show that you know how to do it
(Boogie nights)
Do it, do it
Party night
Settle down with the sound of the music
(Boogie night)
Music, music

Boogie nights
Get that groove let it take you higher
Boogie nights
Make it move set this place on fire

Boogie nights
Feel so right when you got the feeling
Boogie nights
Hold you tight get to keep on dealing

Monday, April 28, 2008

Secret Base Dokuro King !!! Now Were Talking!!

hiddyblog 400x534

I'm going to have to admit being giddy as a school girl on her first dance when I learned that Secret Base is making a brand new sculp of one of my favorite characters Dokuro King!! Hiddy just released this picture on his Blog but unfortunately mentioned something about Fan Club Only which really blows, but i'm sure that the purple Walder version will be for mass consumption!! I haven't been this excited about a Secret Base figure since pretty much forever so I think this is only good news for the OG Fight Figure producer! I put this sculp right up there with my first love: Skullwing. I'm hoping this is the beginning of about 60 different colorways cause i'm all over it.

589ea0b7 400x299

Now you might be thinking to yourself, that looks an awful lot like the Dokuro King custom brain you showed back in March? Well, yes it does. Created by Dokuro King Ulta-fan GuyX1, this version bears a striking resemblance. So what's the deal? Coincidence or did a fan-created custom influence Hiddy's version? Well, i'm gonna guess that Hiddy began working on this figure at least a year ago. It would be very difficult to see a figure in late February and then have a finished figure by May. There is just not enough run way. What I do believe happened is that Guy's custom validated with Hiddy that this figure would be desired by his customer base.

P1010448 400x533

Is Hiddy completely immune to influence? I don't think so. Influence in all of our toys from all over the place is obvious. The Secret Base Skullbrain itself, for example is influenced by the Astro Mu Devil Bado. Thank god cause Hiddy took a toy that is almost completely un-obtainable and made it into one of the most popular fight figures of all time. It would be easy for me to say that I own more Skullbrains than any other figure.

Astro Mu Devil Bado picture from the collection of Comet Debris

DSC01211 400x533

IMG_1257 400x533

A more recent example may follow. Super7 had been working with Secret Base on a new "Voodoo" series of figures. Each figure would have a Voodoo plushie inside. So when this new Secret Base clear Damage Brain was released with 3 different colored Voodoo plushies, I was confused. Was this it? I thought it was a series and they were going to be painted???

12378 400x400

As it turns out, this was not the Super7 version. It was Hiddy's version. Not the same. Some might argue, not even close. But there is no denying that the plushies look like Voodoo dolls. Here is the Super7 version:

2397415980_6d1cd3beff_o 400x400
2397416040_0acff77648_o 400x400

So what's up with that? I just think Hiddy is a smart business man. He was producing the S7 Voodoo set. Why not squeeze his own Damage Brain set in beforehand? Take advantage of any Voodoo hype that might be lingering. In the end, I say so what? More toys for the collectors!! After all, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!

Terry Ross on Loris Capirossi Team Ducati!!

Capirossi Ducati 1

Artist and sculpter Terry Ross was kind enough to send me a couple of pictures of his very lastest works including this amazing sculpter of Ducati Team Rider Loris Capirossi. Terry's sculpture really feels like Capirossi is leaning 150 miles an hour as he approaches the turn.

Opening page replacement.

current_10 400x222

current_11 400x215

14_800 400x299

Check out my earlier post on Terry Ross to see some of his other amazing works of art...

Friday, April 25, 2008


DSCF2616 400x299

When I saw these pics from Slack, it was one of those moments when I hit myself on the forehead and said: "doh! should have gone to LA for this show!" What do you get when you mix the clay-magical cynical edge of Dehara with the plushie goodness that is David Horvath? Some kind of madness....

Thanks for the pics Slack! Now give me some of that Dehara!!!

DSCF2617-1 400x299

dscn9832am0 400x533

dscn9843yj0 400x533

DSCF2600 400x598

DSCF2596 400x520

DSCF2592 400x533

DSCF2591 400x598

DSCF2590 400x598

DSCF2586 400x317

DSCF2583 400x361

DSCF2568 400x533

DSCF2549 400x299

DSCF2548 400x519

DSCF2547 400x451

DSCF2545 400x459

DSCF2544 400x533

DSCF2539 400x533

DSCF2537 400x498

DSCF2535 400x298

DSCF2532 400x533

DSCF2526 400x533

DSCF2523 400x533

DSCF2522 400x533

DSCF2520 400x533

DSCF2519 400x299

DSCF2518 400x299

DSCF2517 400x299

DSCF2510 400x977

DSCF2505 400x266

DSCF2503 400x266

DSCF2496 400x266

DSCF2490 400x266

DSCF2489 400x266

DSCF2486 400x266
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